Behind The Divine Beauty

Nahid Tabassum captures the life of Bapon Rahman in a nutshell and fetches makeup tips for this Eid Photos: Reza Shahriar Rahman Feature-02 Beauty is in neatness, make-up is science and every face is a unique canvas,” shares renowned makeup artist Bapon Rahman and part-owner of Divine Beauty Lounge. With partners Sangeeta Khan and Tanzira Noor, Divine Beauty Lounge has become a household name in the beauty industry. We turn the spotlight on Bapon as he opens the door of his gorgeous abode which works as an inspiration for his makeup. A patron of art and paintings, Bapon loves gathering souvenirs from all the places he visits. The artiste feeds his soul through means of travelling, exploring and shopping. Muted prints on the walls, his home is cozy and yet generously decorated with floral crockery and paintings. “I get my morning dose of freshness from a cup of tea and tending to the plants in my balcony,” he begins. Digging deeper, the man confesses his love for classical Bengali music. “To start the day with Rabindra Sangeet is my favourite way to embrace the day.” Bapon’s cozy beauty lounge and the homely décor reveal his artistic mind. He is one of the few makeup artists who promotes the ‘no makeup look’ in Bangladesh and emphasises on using natural and matte based makeup.“I try to keep my work clean and original,” he smiles. With summer only adding to more issues, Bapon alerts the ladies for Eid.“Frosted eye shades or glossy lips should cautiously be avoided. Compact powder is more suitable for day makeup while matte foundation works well for an evening look. MAC and Bobby Brown matte finish should come in handy to beat this summer Eid with a bang on style.” He recommends soothing eyeshadow palettes starting from light brown to peach teamed with bright matte lipsticks to complement the mid-summer Eid outfits. “Monochromatic eye shades can be used as well; if you wish to put more colours make sure you blend the bridge using a brush to leave a smooth effect,” he sums up. For summer, he suggests poofed pony, braids and buns to beat the heat just a tad bit. Feature-03 The guru who has dolled up many famous faces and done numerous Indian and Pakistani fashion shows, bows down to the classic belles.“None can ever be parallel to Audrey Hepburn or Rekha’s beauty.” He admires his fellow contemporaries Farzana Shakil and Kaniz Almas Khan for their contribution to the industry and considers BillyB and Mickey Contractor as his muse. A classically trained singer for fourteen years, a home stylist and an occasional cook, the wizard of brushes shares, “I adore the company of my dearest friends and colleagues at my home for every joyful occasion.” “I believe the key to feeling beautiful is to appear beautiful,” he says reminding women of their inner goodness. “Women should ponder on style before rushing after trends,” he suggests,“I request all the ladies out there to pamper themselves enough.” For Eid, Bapon also shares some amazing quick hacks. “Contouring is a must! A quick five minute makeup routine starts with applying compact powder on your face and a shade lighter on your eyelids. Then indulge your lashes with generous coats of mascara and a few strokes of gel liner. Wear waterproof mascara and liner to stand against the sweaty summer.” Finally, Bapon suggests a white pencil instead of a black one to line the inside of the eyes and bring out that frosty look and voila! You are all set to go! Good natured and brilliantly artistic, Bapon brings a smile on all the faces he comes across.“I respect all my clients from the core of my heart. To meet the demands and to be able to convey it fruitfully is my greatest achievement.” And with that, the makeup guru signs off.