The Monochrome

  • White eyeshadow is used across the lids and blended towards the lower lash line. Black eyeliner is drawn along the lash line extending to the crease with a thick coat of mascara on lashes.
  • A popping orange lipstick
  • A black and white printed silk scarf is first folded into half to form a triangle. The scarf is pinned at the back with the ends brought in front and tied into a knot. The hair is blow-dried and curled at the tips.

    Model: Emily
    Photographer: M Shamsul Hoque Komol
    Hair & Makeup: Farzana Shakil’s

Beautifully Blue

  • Blue eyeshadow is applied across the lids and extended towards the lower lash line. Black eyeliner defines the eyes and the black mascara gives the lashes an added drama.
  • A magenta lipstick brings out the lips
  • Most of the hair is tied up into a topknot. A beaded necklace is attached at the left of the crown. Multiple long scarves are used in secession, crossed over in front and tied at the rear.



Perfect Pair

  • A blend of purple and pink eyeshadow is applied across the lids extending along the lower lash line. Black eyeliner and mascara is also used for a dramatic effect.
  • A light pink lipstick softens the look.
  • The hair at the crown is backcombed to create a lift. A long scarf is used as a bandana and tied on to the left. The hair is styled to create a natural look.

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