Farzana Shakil and Aidha Cader create floral friendly styles for your tresses

The Flower Trail: Form a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Separate the ponytail into three equal strands. Swap the left strand onto the centre followed by the right stand onto the new centre. Continue until you come to the end of the hair. Secure it with a hairband approximately four inches above the very end. Pin the small flowers along the braid starting from the forehead.

The Floral Cascade: Finger comb the hair, gathering it onto your left shoulder and divide the hair into three sections. Take one side of the section and bring it over to the middle, making it a new section. Then bring the other side of the section over the one in the middle for it to become the next new middle section. Continue doing this for the rest of your hair, and fasten the braid at the end with a hairband. Place the coloured roses weighted more onto the left side without pinning it on the braid. Balance the proportion with a few roses on to the right as well.

Blushing roses: Using your fingers, tie a low ponytail onto the left. Twist and wrap it around the base of itself. Pin it into place. Multi-coloured roses are pinned at the nape of the neck.

Aidha Cader

Staying within the fringes of mainstream cultures, Aidha Cader, ICE Today’s culture connoisseur has inculcated an appreciation for food, history, travel and art beyond her comfort zone.