As you walk into this cozy waffle corner, you can’t help but take in the sweet smelling fragrance and anticipate what’s being plated up for you. Natasha Rahman indulges herself as Yellow Submarine serves some of their best dishes

What’s a better way to kick off a long weekend then with a treat at the submarine?
Delicious savoury and sweet waffles are too few and far in between, but since Yellow Submarine ventured out on their journey, they have been buzzing the radar! The retro styled, 60s themed interior comes alive with people digging into those delicious waffles.
Though this venture started with nine sweet waffle sandwiches, the savoury waffles have their own story to tell. For a Halloween event, Yellow Submarine was asked to cater savoury waffles. Back then, they had not started the savoury items; and yet they came up with a kickass savoury combo. In came, the beef bologna sandwich and the crowd devoured it. It was an overnight success! Customers poured in the following day looking for that waffle which blew their minds. Yellow Submarine, not wanting to deny the customers, prepared the sandwich from scratch and as the fervour rose up, so did their range of waffles.

Beef Bologna Sandwich
For all you meat and cheese lovers this combo should not go amiss. Bologna slices, cheese and Yellow Submarine’s special mayo – this combo is a no-fuss. At first glance, this may not look like the most appealing waffle but wait till you take a bite of the black pepper and paprika waffles and indulge in the succulent pieces of bologna and cheese. Ah, goodie!

Tuna Pesto Waffle
When your tastebuds are looking for a spicy kick, this should be your go-to waffle. A generous serving of moist tuna wrapped up in mayo and their special pesto sauce; you have a powerhouse of flavours. Biting into the paprika waffles topped with a hint of sesame chilli sauce and parmesan cheese makes for a delicious blend. If you want some fire, the tuna pesto is a top recommendation.

Lady in Red
One look at this and you know how last season the red velvet cupcakes are! Cream cheese frosting doled out ever so evenly inside their moist warm waffles, and swirling whipped cream on the side, the lady in red makes the heart skip a beat, or two. Unlike other eateries that have their red velvets pre-made, Yellow Submarine prepares this sexy lady from scratch to give their customers the warm and fresh concoction of sweetness.

Go Bananas
If you are looking for an adventure with irresistible combinations of Nutella, ice-cream and bananas, this glorious waffle is bursting with flavours.
The deep pockets are filled with oozing chocolate syrup, while fresh banana slices, Nutella and ice cream is pressed between the Yellow Submarines’ classic waffles. It’s futile to try and break into this with poise, as this is going to be one messy affair. At first glance, you will be taken aback by its sheer beauty. There is so much going on in this dish that it may overwhelm your senses. However, the tender pieces of banana and the ice cream makes for an explosive mingle which burst in the mouth. Go savage on this one!

Unlike most eateries, Yellow Submarine takes special care of their customer’s preferences, watching over the waffles and taking in suggestions and comments to make the experience even more fulfilling. Yellow Submarine has a beat and a momentum that is usually lacking in other cafes. Be sure to check out their new outlet in Banani, house 93, road 6, block C. So if you want to turn your day around to a wafflicious one, swing by and we promise, you shall be back for more.

Grab your waffles at House 121-D, Road 44, Gulshan avenue, Gulshan 2

Natasha Rahman

Natasha Rahman is the Assistant Editor of ICE Today. She enjoys the little pleasures of life, such as food and aerobics.