Auman: “I’m hungry.”
Tobin: “Let’s go to Angels n’ Gypsies.”
Auman: “No. It’s got a weird name.”
Tobin: “What’s in a name! I went there last week, it wasn’t bad.”
Auman: “Could you BE less enthusiastic? No seriously, I want to eat. Now.”
Tobin: “Dude, I had their Teriyaki Chicken, which I liked quite a bit. It came with a generous helping of mashed potato, which, too, tasted better than the ones served at other restaurants in Dhaka.”
Auman, scandalised: “Wait a second! You had Teriyaki Chicken with mashed potato instead of rice? That too, without questioning your sanity? That is just wrong!”
Tobin, rather defensively: “Hey! It was a refreshing change. Moreover, the mashed potato went very well with the teriyaki sauce. Besides, the relaxing ambience actually added to the ‘eating out’ experience.”
Auman: “Yeah? And did it make the food look pretty too?”
Tobin: “Since when did you become so unsophisticated? Ambience matters. Especially, when you’re eating out. Really, the plump couches and the wooden interior makes the place warm and cosy. Their reception sports an edgy decor with electric-blue lights illuminating the cocktail glasses hanging overhead.”
Auman: “I’m unsophisticated? You had a chicken dish. Talk about playing it safe!”
Tobin: “Listen! There were only five options, okay! Two of them were chicken dishes – the other one was Chicken Alfredo Pasta. They also serve T-bone Steak, Grilled Fish Fillet and Spaghetti Bolognese. I heard Cherry whining that the spaghetti was too sweet – I wouldn’t recommend that for you or anybody who prefers spicy food.”
Auman: “Did you say steak?”
Tobin: “Remember Duce? From Cherry’s party? He ordered the steak, he prefers it medium well-done – I wasn’t entirely satisfie—
Auman, cutting in: “Why does your satisfaction matter? He ordered it!”
Tobin, getting flustered: “No but I had a bite of his steak. It was chewy and a little dry. To be fair, the gravy was delicious. I guess you could go with medium rare.”
Auman: “Why would I go with anything other than rare? Anyway, tell me more about the gravy, was it mushroom sauce? Was it thick, lumpy and creamy? Was it? Was it?”
Tobin, looking a little scared: “Sure man… but it wasn’t mushroom sauce nor was it peppercorn. I believe it was their top secret house recipe.”
Auman, rolling her eyes: “Ok so let’s go!”
Tobin, lazily raising an eyebrow: “Now? For real? I just ate lunch an hour ago.”
Auman: “You ate lunch at 5? Do you even know how the civilised world works?”
Tobin: “Stop being so judgemental! You sleep till three! Anyway, I could actually do with some calamari.”
Auman: “Calamari? You didn’t say ANYTHING about calamari! I want calamari too. What kind of calamari? No! Wait! Tell me en route – where is it anyway?”
Tobin, standing and stretching: “Banani, road 5, house a51…”
Auman, dragging Tobin out the door: “That was weirdly specific…”
Tobin, ignoring her retort: “It’s fried calamari with sweet mayonnaise sauce – and you know how most restaurants never get the crispiness right – Angels n’ Gypsies have that area covered. Succulent and thick too. However, this time I’d like to try out the Angel Wings.”
Auman stopped in her tracks, looking deflated all of a sudden: “Ummm, do you, like, have food at home?”
Tobin looks at her questioningly.
Auman, going red: “I’m sort of broke – I have only a thousand taka to my name.”
Tobin: “Oh you spoilt, little brat! You know how many meals you can buy with that amount of money?”
Auman: “At ‘sophisticated’ cafes?”
Tobin: “Dude, that’s the best thing about this place – the most expensive meal on the menu is that steak you wanted, priced at Tk 795. And the calamari is Tk 390 – we can split it as the portions are quite big.”
Auman, scratching her head: “Ummm… that is like Tk 1300… isn’t it?And I also want a drink… so… would they open a tab if I flirt?”
Tobin, laughing his head off: “Dude, how’d you make it through school? No, it comes down to roughly around a thousand taka and I got the drinks covered. Fancy some iced-tea?”
Auman, excited: “Iced-tea? I luurve iced-tea! What kind of iced-tea? Lemon? Peach? Long Island? Tell me more! Tell me more!”
Tobin: “What in God’s sake is wrong with you? Can you act like a normal human being for once? We’re nearly there, calm dow…”
Auman, still excited, jumping up and down: “Tell me! Tell me!”
Tobin: “It’s lemon, okay? It’s just lemon! LEMON.”
Auman, suddenly composed: “Relax, geez! Lemon’s fine. Could’ve just said so… here, let me get the door for you…”