The search for the next fair maiden is on! Channel I Lux Super Star’s 9th season has begun and the auditions have been done and dusted already 

On February 5, 2018, the audition round of Channel i Presents Lux Super Star was held at the Emmanuelle’s Convention Centre (New Hall) in Gulshan, Dhaka. And through this audition round, the competition between the contestants of Lux Super Star has finally begun.

The audition rounds was hosted by Shoumik.

The audition round commenced with 250 contestants, shortlisted from among 12000 applicants who came from all corners of the country. The contestants had to face three judges’ panels which were held by Aparna, Sanu, Swarna, Shahed Ali, Alif, and Shafayet Mansoor Rana. On the 6 of February, out of the 250 contestants, 60 were selected to face the main judges. And the three main judges will select their preferred contestants to compete in the upcoming boot camp. The main judges’ panel for this phase of Lux Super Star will be held by Arifin Shuvoo, Sadia Islam Mou and Tahsan Khan.

The 250 contestants were carefully selected from over 12000 applicants

Organised by Unilever Bangladesh Limited, the theme of Lux Super Star is this year is “Reveal the Unseen You”. Lux believes that a woman is not only defined by her outward beauty, but her inner strength, her dreams, passion, courage, her hidden essence, and her ability to break through boundaries expressing who she really is.  And so, Lux wants to celebrate all such unique and special young women of our country. It wants to discover those hidden talents within them that are yet to be discovered by us.