Just got hitched? Here are a few appliances from Samsung that’ll complete your new home

Setting up a new home after tying the knot can be cumbersome; there’s so much that goes into a household. Luckily for newlyweds, Samsung one of the biggest home appliance brand brings you everything you need to get your little nest up and running.


If you love eating, then you’ll need a fridge that comes with long-term warranty, super-efficient digital inverter which will cut down electricity bill and the expense of voltage stabilizer. Leave it to Samsung refrigerators to ensure safe and healthy storage of meals.


From watching your wedding videos in a complete home theater experience to enjoying your favorite movie together, Samsung’s QLED TV high definition TV which is globally recognized as the number 1 in the tech arena will enhance the experience to a great extent.

Washing machine

A good quality washer and dryer can allow couples to catch a break from the monotony of doing laundry manually. With Samsung, you too can ensure squeaky clean clothes without having to dip and wash it in a bucket of water.


Microwaves are a godsend for anyone who doesn’t want to use the stove; with Samsung’s microwave ovens, you can say goodbye to cooking in the old-fashioned way. The best part is, you can even prep small meals like pizzas without having to light up the stove.