The blue-eyed Villain from Dhaka Attack is stealing all the spotlight

The movie ‘Dhaka Attack’ had started making headlines from the very first trailer launch. But after it hit the floors last Friday, the villain of the film, Taskeen Rahman became the talk of the town. And the topic of discussion is his killer looks! Can you blame them; did you see those eyes?

Image source Facebook

Social media platforms have been obsessing over his mesmerizing photos soon after the movie got released. You might ask why the sudden interest in him? As he lives in Australia, he was missing from all the promotional events. People who went to watch the movie were pleasantly surprised to witness him on screen. Well, we wish we always get surprises like this!

This new sensation is no stranger to the screen. He has worked as a child artist in a 1990 drama ‘ShiterPakhi’ for BTV. Taskeen has been living in Australia since 2002 but now he thinking about coming back to Bangladesh and work in the film industry after the recent success of ‘Dhaka Attack.’

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He has cast such a spell on the audiences that some even started to compare him with a veteran villain of our industry, Humayan Faridi. But he gracefully refused to be compared with such a ledged as he believes he still has a long way to go.

His talent doesn’t only limit to capturing your heart, he has already been signed up for another movie ‘Aadi’ starring Abu Sumon and Sabila Sabi. Moreover, he will also be starring in Shakib Khan’s ‘Operation Agnipath.’ Taskeen is here to prove that he is not a ‘one film wonder.’