5 Crazy eyebrow trends that need to go

Viral beauty trends make for most of the Instagram posts by beauty bloggers. And fashion trends these days change with a blink of an eye. Speaking of eyes, since the beginning of fashion, people were drawn towards perfectly symmetrical eye brows. However, it seems like the infamous beauty bloggers don’t want to follow the conventional route anymore.

Let’s take a look at the 5 crazy eyebrow trends that need to go now:

The feather brows

Source: pinterest

Famous beauty blogger MUA Stella Sironen first introduced this eyebrow trend to the world back in April this year. Initially her followers on Instagram thought she did that as a joke and she got mixed reaction from them. But let’s be honest, there is hardly anyone who could pull off these eyebrows.  It’s high time people stopped making this crazy style a trend.

Wave brows

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This trend is fairly new. This weird trend involves drawing wavy lines around the eyebrows and then covering up the lines with a concealer. With the thrust for newness and innovation, beauty bloggers are now taking things too far. Still, who are we kidding, it’s not a look that you can try out for your sister’s wedding. Imagine the horror!

Braided brows

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Braided brows are the least cringe eyebrow trend of them all. However, it is not so realistic. The idea is to braid your eye brows like you braid your hair. But please raise your hand if you have Rapunzel like hair on your brows to braid them!

Thin brows

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This style of eyebrow is fairly common in our subcontinent. Extra thin eye brows make your face look bigger than it actually is. So ladies, please stop this trend.

Boxed eye brows

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The thing about boxed brows is that, if you can do it properly then you can totally rock the look. But most people miss out on the real techniques on how to ace a perfectly boxed eyebrow and mess up their entire appearance.