Not As Easy As It Looks; Here Are 5 Things Commentators Do To Keep You On The Edge Of The Seat

Commentary is a craft. It’s not as simple as talking or translating athletic actions into words for the audiences’ convenience. It is a tool used to spellbind the mass and keep them engaged to the sport. With that said, a silver tongue is needed in the field and it comes with these 5 things that commentators do to hook the audience.

Understanding The Sport

The commentator’s task is not limited to describing every single detail of the match but to also narrate where the game is headed. He needs to make sure that the cricket fans are informed and at the same time thoroughly entertained with compelling comments and predictions. And in order to do that, one needs have full understanding of the sport.

They Use Different tones To Speak

The audience expect them to present accurate facts and figures. However, if spoken in a dull tone, the listeners might lose their attention. Hence, a good commentator always knows how to excite the audience and which tone to pick while conveying the details.

Chowdhury Jafarullah Sharafat

The Show Must Go On

Even when the players are off the field for rest, the commentators have to keep the show going. They need to be spontaneous and keep the crowd glued to the game by making predictions, crack a joke or two and briefing the audience about how the teams performed lately, just so they know what to expect.

Athar Ali Khan

They Are Smart And Acute

In the past, there have been a few cases of a slip where prominent commentators had to bear the brunt of criticism. Hence, they have to be very careful with what they say and it’s not that easy; it requires years of practice to gain fluency and accuracy.

They Have A Good Sense Of Humour:

The skill to persuade is one of the most demanding and toughest attribute a commentator needs to master. But what really entertain the audience are the hysterical punch lines, which they are brilliant at given they have to past experience of doing stand up comedy.

Syed Faiz Ahmed

Syed Faiz Ahmed, is a National level bridge player who works for an english national daily as sub-editor. Translate and interpret from Bangla, English, French, German and vice versa.