Looking Back at Some of the Best On-Screen Couples

Nusrat Jahan Pritom Unravels The Journey Of Romantic Couples To Make You Feel Nostalgic About The Golden Days

There are some on-screen love stories that we forget, and then there are some that are etched in our minds. Take Romeo-Juliet and Laila- Majnu for instance, having been narrated over and over again through plays, dramas and films; epitomising love in all its glory. Now let’s take a moment to appreciate timeless lovers that made us all feel gushy whenever we saw them together on screen.

Bipasha- Tauquir’s  Chemistry


When the chemistry is palpable, you can feel the spark on the other side of the screen. The feeling is so vivid that you can almost touch it. The Bipasha-Tauquir pairing was repeated time and again for the viewer’s pleasure. When the couple got married in 1999, it was a moment of joy to see this beautiful pair translate their on-screen love to a lifelong commitment. Bishashghatok, Priyojon, Otithi, Jolchobi, Harjit, Rupnogor were popularised dramas that everyone enjoyed. Even two decades later, fans still search for snippets of these shows on YouTube to watch them again and again.
Even when the couple is playing non-romantic characters, there’s just no denying the chemistry between them. In 2016, the couple hosted a show for the first time together in their careers. That was also a celebrity couple show called Lux Asian Celebrity Lounge in Asian TV where winning couples would get a chance to fly to New York with Bipasha and Towkir. Due to their immense popularity, the show was a successful one. Both Tauquir and Bipasha complement each other’s unique charisma and charm. Perhaps, the term ‘soulmates’ was made for them.

When the chemistry is palpable, you can feel the spark on the other side of the screen. The feeling is so vivid that you can almost touch it

Evergreen Couple Afzal-Suborna


Remember dramas such as Tragedy, Niloy Na Jan, Bondhu Amar from the 80’s? Long before the time of satellite television and internet, entertainment came to us in small doses. Neighbours and friends would come together after a busy day’s work to watch their favourite drama or films. Those which were very famous had one thing in common. That’s when a pair like Afzal- Suborna was thoroughly admired. This couple is definitely the most timeless and evergreen in the TV media of Bangladesh. They have sealed a special place in the hearts of fans as well as in the industry. Even recently, the couple has paired up in telefilms such as Tobuo Amare Debona Bhulitey released in 2015. They simply never fail to surprise people! Suborna Mustafa is undoubtedly one of the most versatile and gorgeous actress of all the four decades. Actor Afzal Hossain too has imprinted such a charisma among audience that it shows a great deal in his acting. Hence it’s safe to say that even after a hundred years, their on-screen chemistry will remain unforgotten.

Zahid-Mou Love At First Sight


If there’s chemistry between two actors on-screen, there’s a good chance the sparks will fly when the cameras stop rolling! Their performances in dramas such as Shei Chokh, Ar Kichu Nai Baki, Mr and Mrs Shahriar, Ektuku Chua Lage, are all widely celebrated and applauded. Every time they came on-screen together, it was like love at first sight. Viewers waited with anticipation to see this duo on screen, even if it was just a promo of a drama. The love between the two was of a deep friendship and understanding. Zahid, in the middle of work, would find time to call her and pacify her because at the end of the day, it’s the lover’s smile that you wait for.
This evergreen stunning pair was always a treat to the eyes. Mou’s beauty and Zahid’s humour transcend time. Never has a pair been so perfect, whether it be off or on screen.

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

Nusrat Jahan Pritom is a journalist and drummer from Bangladesh. She calls herself Ninja Pritom due to her love for calisthenics