Hashtag Delish Issue 3

On this issue of Hashtag Delish, get to know how Amaya at Amari Dhaka is revolutionising the buffet experience of Dhaka. Plus Instagram bloggers you need to follow and more! See here

Hashtag Delish Issue 2

The second issue of Hashtag Delish focuses on Jerry Bees, the sweet and savoury sensation that you must visit as well as Dhaka Regency’s latest menu. It also introduces us to the individuals responsible for some of Dhaka’s hottest franchises in its latest segment “Meet the owner”. All this and much more! Find out more

Hashtag Delish Issue 1

On this issue of Hashtag Delish, get to know about the healthy eating habits of a supermodel, learn about the hottest meal deals around Dhaka and how to prepare meals to make summer more delightful. Plus, get introduced to some of Dhaka’s most exciting food bloggers and more! Find out more