Rafayat Rakib – Sweet Savagery

K Tanzeel Zaman shares the fascinating journey of the YouTuber & Content Creator Rafayat Rakib and takes a peek into the Bangladeshi YouTube world.


In a nutshell, Jon Kabir is an icon, a representative of the generation, a sign of positive change and, of course, the urge to do it for yourself, by yourself merely.

Meet the FiXxer

K Tanzeel Zaman gets fascinated by the ideas and process of content making of the man behind the popular YouTube channel ButtFiXx, Filmmaker Rahat Rahman

Choto Bhai’s Secret

K Tanzeel Zaman divulges with Iftekhar Rafsan aka Rafsan The Choto Bhai and dissects the ways of the social media influencers

Setting Standards

Tawhidur Rashid converses with Saad Omar Fahim, Managing Director of Crocodile (BD) Ltd and learns about his visions of making affordable luxury available for brand aficionados in Bangladesh. 

Aesthetic Anatomy

*Mahmood Hossain dissects the current stage of Zayn Malik’s style evolution The 26-year-old pop star…