Ask that random person sitting on the table next to you out on a date or go stand on the table and start dancing in public have become clichéd and not as exciting as when we first dared to do it back in the 5th grade. It’s time to take the game of truth or dare up a notch and make you laugh your rear ends off until you end up gasping for air upon doing these 10 dares.

Drink an entire glass of neem juice

So what it tastes bitter? So what your gag reflex kicks in on the very smell of the juice? Your friend simply cares about your wellbeing and health; your friend is only trying to help you build a healthy habit (you wish…)

Wax your chest hair off using a waxing strip

Ever imagined what it would feel like to be pierced by hundreds of needles being injected into your chest? Well, the good news is that waxing your chest wouldn’t feel as bad. IT WILL FEEL FAR WORSE!

Go live on Facebook and rap to ‘Iz Ma City’

What better way of paying your allegiance to Bangladesh’s very own ‘Rap Monsta’ than in this manner? Nuff Sed…Uhh!

Text your mother and tell her you’re getting married

Expect a flying sandal thrown at you through your phone at the speed of light. Whoever gave you this dare is clearly your enemy. He just sent you on a suicide mission! I mean, who could possibly be more dangerous than a furious mother?

Take a shower with ice cold water at midnight in winter

Prepare yourself to be bombarded by abuses coming in from inside the bathroom as your friend gets a taste of walking out into biting cold of the Himalayas. Admit it, you can’t stop laughing at the very idea of that one friend punishing himself to this dare.

Stuff your mouth with biscuit and try to whistle

Make sure you have a pair of goggles and helmet before your friend attempts to whistle for crumbs of biscuit will fly at you like canon shots.

Place a bag and a ball a few steps away from each other. Spin around the bag 7 times and go kick the ball right away

Here’s the challenge, try kicking the ball properly. 0 in every 10 men will pass.

Ask your neighbour if your innerwear got misplaced with theirs

Consider looking for another apartment to live in if you dare to do this. If not, prepare to be mocked for giving up on this task.

Let your friends go through your phone’s gallery

This is it! RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Back off now! Wave your white flag and apologize for all the times you stole your friend’s tiffin back in school because you will never dare to do this dare.

Put away your phone and go spend time with your parents

The only time you see your parents is at the dinner table; even then, you are glued to your phone. Put it aside for some time because you owe your parents a tad bit of time from your busy lives. All they need is your love.

You’re welcome.