Women on the Move

Dhaka recently has seen a surge of metrosexuals and glamazons thanks to MNCs setting up local offices and international salon franchisees opening their branches in the tri-state area. Designer couture, bespoke tailoring and luxe fragrances–every single amenity of a cosmopolitan city is here. Thanks to the development of the nation, the expanding middle class and people are becoming more cautious about how to dress appropriately. Dhaka is more fashionable than ever before. To make the best use of such opportunities, Best in Brands, renowned for their authentic cosmetics have launched Sundora, a new initiative that offers branded perfumes in a retail environment of high international standards, like no other in Bangladesh. Gone are the days of window shopping in the streets of London or New York, now we can have the best perfumes available as soon as they are launched in Paris, Milan or Tokyo.

So what intrigues them to launch Sundora in Dhaka? The company believes that people of Bangladesh are aspiring to attain a higher standard of living. People in this country have come very far in a very little time. They are catching up with their stylish citizens of the neighbouring countries. They can and want to purchase branded products and Sundora is here to avail of that opportunity.

Brand entails promises and sells authenticity. Sundora is one such establishment which is shaping up to be a place where you will be able to purchase products of renown international brands like BVLGARI, Carolina Herrera, Coach, Givenchy you name it; they have it. The store was launched on December 7, at House 44 Road-12, Banani.

For the shopaholics, the good news is Sundora outlet is unique in its own right. The fabulous store, having the authentic distributor license, carries thirty-five luxury brands under its name. If that doesn’t fill your glass, Sundora will launch all perfumes of the brands it carries, on the same day as the international date of release. The team is very much excited to start their journey in a fast-growing country like Bangladesh and did everything to grab the attention of the fashionistas.

The Sundora team aced it by pulling off an impressive sale in the recent Grand Boulevard Event held at the Westin Hotel. The event proves that Bangladeshi are willing to purchase authentic branded products. The middle-class family now have more dispensable income and it is excellent for the economy

Carolina Herrera GOOD GIRL

When it comes to the authenticity of Sundora’s products, it upholds every protocol and standards set by the brands the store represents. This not only takes Bangladesh on an international platform for retail but also gives it people to invest in businesses similar to Sundora. The consumers of Bangladesh are no longer bounded by the notion of getting the cheapest products. A concern like Sundora will surely fulfil the aspirations of the fashion-loving people of Bangladesh.

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