Next time you are looking for a laidback work out regiment, just pop in a horror movie and settle in for the calories to slide off. According to a study done by University of Westminister, “watching horror films burns nearly 200 calories a time”. For an effective “workout”, here is a list of high calory burning horror movies.

The Shinning

The 1980 movie adaptation of Stephen King’s novel ranks No.1. The foreboding tale of a family hounded by spiritual and supernatual presence in an isolated hotel burns an impressive 184 calories.


An all time box office hit – the Quadrology racks up 161 calories to its name. With it’s believable storyline of a 25-foot-long great white shark terrorizing swimmers and boaters, this adventure-horror will have your adrenaline pumping.

The Exorcist

Boasting a calory reduction of 158 calories, this 1973 horror classic featuring a possessed 12 year old will cause your heart rate to soar.


This sci-fi horror flick about a commercial deep space mining ship landing on a distant planet and discovering a nest of strange eggs will easily burn off 151 calories. The sound effects alone contribute to the heart pounding intrigue of Alien


This gore-infested psycho thriller will slay off 133 calories. Binging on the spawning Saw franchise will be similar to running a marathon, without leaving the comforts of your home.