Men Too Should Cry

Society teaches men not to express their feelings. Here is why this is high time we put an end to that culture.

A Car To Look Out For

If 2019 is your year to update your car, search no further than the Mitsubishi…

Braving The Calamities

Bangladesh has recently been subjected to a couple of earthquakes where several hundreds of people were injured. This goes to show the lack of preparation we have in cases of natural disasters.

Frozen Fortune

Be it a fruit or last night’s chicken curry, if your fridge isn’t preserving it…

A Cause for Celebrations

During my stay, I met with thousands of athletes, journalists, and visitors. People could hardly…

Run the town!

Fatima Faheem gears up with Adidas’ latest run-ready sneakers from Bata

Talk Of The Town

Talented model and Chairman of Paese Cosmetics, Regal Arman tells us why this new range of Polish makeup lives up to the hype

Brighter Than Sunshine

Having been in the beauty industry for more than decades, Bapon Rahman is the makeover extraordinaire at Divine Beauty Lounge. This month, we seek some summer friendly solutions from the expert himself to learn a technique or two on makeup which are easy on the eyes as well as our skin.

You’ve Got The Look

There is a lot of confusion out there about HD makeup containing some sort of magic ingredient that sets it apart from other brands that we use regularly, but it really is just a technique.

Weaving New Threads

Fashion designer Rina Latif’s ridiculously gorgeous collection for the fashion show “Threads of Heritage” in Bangkok was a pure crowd pleaser

Sultana’s Dream

Owner and designer of Zoan Ash, Asma Sultana on embedding cultural heritage in her design and how she is preparing for the upcoming LA Fashion Week in October

The Raw Confidence

Creative Director of premium fashion brand Raw Nation, Maroofa Islam shares her thoughts on the brand and what sets them apart in the men’s clothing industry

The Forgotten

Nahian Shah discusses the significance of Fashion Revolution

Woven Dreams

Rubab Nayeem Khan looks into the hand woven art of Manipuri textiles