Tress to Impress

When you’re torn between fashion and comfort, the latter always wins. But fret not; we’ve…

Stunning looks you can try for your pre-wedding events

With wedding season right around the bend, Raisa Rahim and Farzana Shakil’s Makeover Salon brings us this month’s compilation of six pre-wedding looks.Don’t forget to get rid of unwanted body hair to get that velvet smooth finish

When Eye Speak

To uplift the festivity of Eid, we have assembled a special makeover spread for our…

The Techno Touch

Inspired by the recent Met Gala show, makeup artist Nazrul together with ICE Today gives you the vibes for the future

Turban Tactics

The turban is quickly becoming one of this season’s most ethnic and creative fashion statements.…

Like A Glamazon

Be it Eid festivity or hangout with friends on a rainy evening, looking like a…

Twin Tones

Aidha Cader together with Aura Beauty Lounge creates two-tone lipstick combinations for a fun and quirky look

Follow Me if You Can

Inspired by Murad Osmann’s iconic travel pictures, Farzana Shakil teamed up with Aidha Cader to give you a fashionista makeover that will create a runway in every city!


You Are a Firework

Farzana Shakil together with Aidha Cader gives you standout looks for the big day

Autumn Fresh

Farzana Shakil and Aidha Cader give you the seasonal pick of warm shades

Flower Power

Farzana Shakil and Aidha Cader create floral friendly styles for your tresses