Smart Transportation for Smart Bangladesh

Bangladesh is thriving in the new era of Digital Bangladesh and has already embarked on becoming ‘Smart Bangladesh’ by 2041. The new vision aims to make the country a high-income, developed nation grounded in modern technologies like IoT and AI. To achieve such a future, four core pillars were created to determine success in becoming Smart Bangladesh by 2041: Smart Citizen, Smart Economy, Smart Government, and Smart Society.

The government has taken numerous initiatives to fulfil the four core pillars and encouraged private sectors to contribute, as one entity alone cannot achieve such a massive goal of transforming the entire nation. The government took on a project to install ‘Intelligent Trasport Systems (ITS)’ on two highways for speed detection, number plate recognition, vehicle detection systems, surveillance cameras, and variable messaging signs. This is the first step in creating smart highways and enhancing the infrastructure for Smart Transportation. Similarly, the government has also set a target of transforming the transportation sector and ensuring that 30 per cent of the vehicles in the nation will be EVs (Electric Vehicles) by 2030. The Smart Transportation system is vital in fulfilling the targets of four core pillars, which will help to attain Smart Bangladesh.

With eco-friendly credentials, modern technology, and impressive performance, EVs provide a compelling alternative to traditional gas-powered cars. EVs have the power to decrease carbon emissions significantly and save money on fuel costs. Fossil fuels – oil, gas, and coal – are the biggest contributor to global climate change, accounting for more than 75 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions and almost 90 per cent of all carbon dioxide emissions. EVs can help any nation decrease its reliance on fossil fuels as they primarily run on electricity, which can be generated from numerous sources, including renewables.

Reducing emissions is more critical for urban areas like Dhaka, which has recently been ranked first among the cities with the worst air quality. EVs will decrease greenhouse gas emissions and preserve the health of our country’s future generations. Besides having a good effect on the climate, electric vehicles require less maintenance than traditional vehicles. They have many advanced features and technologies that heighten driving experience and increase safety. From touchscreen infotainment to driver assistance, electric vehicles provide a host of innovative features that will keep drivers informed, connected, and entertained on the road, making it a perfect choice for tech-savvy consumers of Bangladesh. EV owners and EV makers will also enjoy tax incentives as the government has already planned to decrease duty on local manufacturers until 2040.

Increasing the usage of EVs will stimulate economic growth and attract more investment, which will create more jobs later. EVs are perfect for promoting sustainability. All these are essential components for building a Smart Economy that focuses on development and prosperity. Working towards achieving Smart Transportation will affect all four core pillars of Smart Bangladesh as it plays a vital part in the economy’s growth by connecting people to services, allowing resource manoeuvring, and creating jobs.

The government’s plan towards attaining Smart Transportation is recognized by several private companies that believe the penetration of EVs in society will increase economic growth and work towards achieving all four core pillars of Smart Bangladesh. By aligning such commitment, CG Runner BD Limited has officially brought BYD EVs to Bangladesh. The company is also working towards setting up charging stations across the country so that people in the future don’t face any trouble with their EVs.

Fulfilling Smart Transportation is imperative to achieve Smart Bangladesh, and increasing the penetration of EVs can help with it. Most private companies are already aligned with the government’s goal and are working towards achieving it. More awareness needs to be created so people across the country understand the benefits of EVs and how they can help the nation meet its goals. Smart Bangladesh can only be attained if everyone works together to achieve it.


Imtiaz Nawsher

Head of Category Development & Marketing