Exploring the World Together

In this fast-paced world, where we juggle deadlines and meetings, there exists a special bond that surpasses time and distance – the relationship between a mother and daughter. This month, we not only celebrate the bond they share, but also revisit the unforgettable experiences they had with Wander Woman. If you come from a Bengali family, you may have heard remarks suggesting that traveling with mothers and children is challenging, and some might even consider it boring. However, at Wander Woman, we have witnessed numerous instances where mother-daughter duos have embarked on our trips, creating amazing memories and expressing their desire to travel together again.

For the past few years, we have been catering to women who are looking for reliable and trustworthy organisations to have a relaxing trip with their mothers and daughters. Whether it’s the mountainous parts of Nepal, the sandy deserts of Morocco, or the charming lanes of South Korea, we have received requests for trips to all of these places and have successfully curated them. This year, we curated a truly special journey to the captivating land of Nepal, exclusively for mothers and daughters seeking unforgettable adventures. In the last days of January, we embarked on a remarkable expedition, sending three mother and daughter duos on an enchanting odyssey to Nepal. During the course of four nights and five days, these six individuals immersed themselves in the rich tapestry of Nepalese culture and landscapes, forming bonds that went beyond mere travel companionship. What started as a group of strangers developed into a close-knit family, united by shared experiences and a spirit of exploration.

In life, the bond between a mother and daughter is one of the most intricate threads, weaved through moments of joy, shared laughter, and profound understanding. The different adventures experienced by mothers and daughters through the lens of Wander Woman are more than just trips – they are transformative odysseys of love, growth, and connection.

Have a look at what our travellers have to say about their experiences with us.

Ishmam Shafi and Tania Noor Shafi

Nepal, January 2024

I always wanted to go on a trip with my mom, and this winter, thanks to the amazing team at Wander Woman, it became a reality. Nepal is truly breathtaking, but what made our trip truly memorable were the people and the unique blend of mother-daughter duos. By the end of the trip, it felt like we were all part of a newly formed family!

Meher Zara Binte Jabir and Zinat Afroz

Dubai and Oman,  December 2023 – January 2024

New Year Special Trip

This trip was a beautiful and unforgettable experience for both me and my little girl. Before it, I couldn’t even imagine taking her alone on a domestic trip. But she proved to be an amazing traveller, surpassing all my expectations. I must say that traveling with her was the best gift I could have ever imagined, thanks to Wander Woman. Without their help, our first international trip as mother and daughter  wouldn’t have been so easy. I am also grateful to my fellow trip members who were incredibly helpful throughout the journey. Thanks to Wander Woman for giving me the confidence and courage to break my own barriers and create beautiful memories with other amazing female travellers. I hope to recreate this experience with my daughter again soon. 

Wasima Ullah and Nazneen Waziullah

Nepal, January 2024

During our five-day trip to Nepal, my mother and I had the best time ever. My mother loves travelling, and she had always wanted me to join her on an international trip. Thanks to Wander Woman, we finally had the opportunity. We did not feel like two strangers amidst our travel companions. They felt more like family, and this trip was truly memorable for us.

Zuareah Binthe Alamgir & Safina Begum

Zinda Park, February 2024

Mom and I both love travelling, and I’ve always noticed how excited she gets when we plan to go somewhere. But as we got older, everyone became busier with their own lives and responsibilities. We used to go places with my dad as our only source, but nowadays he prefers to relax at home instead of taking us somewhere. So, I finally decided that it’s time for us to take matters into our own hands and give Wander Woman a chance! In late 2022, I booked two slots for me and my mom. We were a bit nervous at first because we had never travelled with complete strangers before. However, after returning home from the trip, it felt like we had gone with long-lost friends! Since then, we have been going on trips with Wander Woman without any hesitation. Everyone on the trips is always welcoming, understanding, and friendly, making it feel like home. My mom now brags to her friends about Wander Woman and her experiences with the other women and the places we visit.