An Empowering Odyssey

With a passion for exploration and a desire to build a community of women travellers, Sabira Mehrin Saba founded Wander Woman. Her adventurous spirit and dedication have shaped the platform into a space where women can share their travel stories and set off on exciting adventures together. Although safety concerns once hindered her own travels, Saba’s perseverance has inspired women to break free from their comfort zones, traveling solo and seeking Wander Woman’s expertise in crafting their perfect trips. What started as a small Facebook community six and a half years ago has transformed into a thriving travel company today, inspiring women across Bangladesh and beyond to embrace their spirit of adventure.

Wander Woman has garnered prestigious accolades, including the Diana Award, Bangabandhu Innovation Grant, and EMK Small Grant. Saba’s invitation by the World Bank to meet with their managing director alongside other female business leaders of Bangladesh underscores the significant impact of Wander Woman’s mission.

Wander Woman’s core goal is to create meaningful connections among women through innovative events like Brunch Club, Wander Connect, Escapade, and Racket Rebels, its one-day badminton tournament. These events enable women to share stories, build lasting friendships, and experience travel in profound ways.

Wander Woman has organised groundbreaking trips exclusively for women to destinations like Jordan and Uzbekistan – a first for any Bangladeshi travel company. Its commitment to safety and exceptional service has garnered recognition from immigration officers, cementing its status as a trailblazer in the industry.

Wander Woman’s strategic collaborations with the tourism board of Bangladesh and leading financial institutions, such as Eastern Bank, have opened doors to new opportunities and expanded accessibility to travel for women. It was the first company in Bangladesh to introduce co-branded cards with Eastern Bank which provides EMI facilities and other financial facilities for women. It also introduced travel loans for women so that they do not have any issues with affordability.

Wander Woman’s influence goes beyond empowering women; it also nurtures future travel leaders. Its initiatives like Trip Leads have trained over 600 students in Bangladesh, instilling essential trip leadership skills and cultivating a culture of empowerment and mentorship.

Wander Woman’s global explorations span from Jordan and Turkey’s captivating landscapes to the rich cultures of Morocco and Sri Lanka. Within Bangladesh, they’ve uncovered hidden gems in destinations such as Sundarbans, Barishal, Sreemangal, and Chattogram, inspiring women to appreciate their homeland’s beauty.

Wander Woman prioritises employee well-being by offering mental health support and promoting work-life balance. This commitment fosters an inclusive and supportive work culture, setting a standard for businesses in the travel industry and beyond.

With Saba’s visionary leadership, Wander Woman aims to become a global leader in empowering women through travel. The company’s relentless pursuit of new horizons has redefined the travel industry and inspired women to explore the world confidently and independently.

In the month dedicated to celebrating the essence of womanhood, let Wander Woman’s extraordinary journey serve as a testament to the power of empowerment, adventure, and the indomitable spirit of women everywhere.