A Beautiful Bond

They say a sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. This certainly seems to hold true for Sahar and Amana Rahman, two equally talented sisters who share a special bond that fuels each other’s fires.

From daring neon greens to captivating pastels, Sahar and Amana never quite followed trends – they set them. Their journey began not in high-fashion ateliers, but as teenage stylists, driven by a shared passion for transforming their unique visions into distinctive designs. What started as playful experimentation in their youth blossomed into Sahar Rahman Couture in 2011.

From overcoming scepticism about their signature pastel palette to carving a niche in a market dominated by established names, the Rahman sisters faced challenges head-on. Their strong bond proved to be their winning formula. Today, they stand tall as fashion bosses, inspiring not just with their sartorial creations, but also with their story of unwavering sisterhood and the power of believing in your dreams, stitch by stitch.

Both of them have always been ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. “Sahar has always been strong-willed, passionate, and just naturally fashionable. From a young age, she displayed a penchant for experimenting with clothes, stylishly sporting vibrant neon green pants and unique pairings such as a V-cut hem kameez with three-quarter pants,” shares Amana.

This fascination, coupled with the influence of their very fashionable parents, inspired Sahar’s dream of launching a clothing line. Amana was also drawn into this dream, their bond fueling her drive and creativity. “Among the two of us, Amana is the introverted one. She is extremely sincere with a truly pure soul. And you’d be surprised at how adept she is at gauging character,” says Sahar. “She is also very creative – 20 years ago, when waist belts with sarees and gowns weren’t a trend like they are now, she had already designed one with Croatian lace!”


An open exchange of ideas is important to the sisters in navigating their creative differences. Sahar explains that it allows for a diverse range of designs within the brand, reflecting their unique fashion sensibilities. Amana’s style is inherently feminine, with a preference for pink tones and shimmering details, whereas Sahar’s taste is more exploratory, with a fondness for greens, blues, and yellows. This fusion of their individual preferences translates into the brand’s collections, offering a compelling mix of femininity and edginess.
Amana’s talents extend beyond Sahar Rahman Couture. She also oversees Amana Rahman – Bespoke Makeup Artistry, conveniently located in the same building, which allows her to easily switch between her roles as a designer and a makeup artist. This proximity even fosters a loyal clientele – the ‘Rahman Sisters Brides’ – who entrust their makeup to Amana after choosing their dream ensembles from the clothing brand. Beyond sharing a workspace, the sisters share an unwavering trust, valuing each other’s opinions and always offering support. “When it comes to managing client crises, Amana’s calm and collected approach sets her apart. Meanwhile, I excel at coordinating with our skilled craftsmen on the backend,” adds Sahar, shedding light on their distinct capabilities.

When they started out, there was a strong preference for vibrant and flamboyant colours, making it difficult to introduce the softer hues of their brand to the market, especially for brides. However, as the years passed, people’s faith in their brand grew, leading to greater acceptance of their unique palette. This evolution in taste prompted them to introduce unconventional colour combinations, such as yellow and Tiffany blue, lavender and sea green, and neon green and baby pink, to name a few. Over time, the persistence of the sisters paid off. They particularly take pride in their loyal international client base, comprising Bengalis living abroad who appreciate their creativity and innovative use of colour in their designs.

Amana’s advice for brides emphasises selecting an outfit and colour that resonates with their individual comfort and style. “Brides should go all out on their special day, while staying true to themselves and avoiding choices that are too extreme. It is also important that the wedding attire and jewellery complement each other, creating a harmonious and elegant look,” she adds.

Sahar Rahman Couture’s distinctive designs have graced numerous exhibitions and runways, both locally and internationally. In 2017, the brand joined forces with Sahar’s best friend, Badria Anis, to launch Monroé, a line of exquisite designer khussas locally produced in Bangladesh and handcrafted with meticulous attention to each client’s individual requirements and measurements.

The Rahman sisters have a definitive idea of the legacy they wish to leave behind. Sahar’s childhood dream of international acclaim set the stage for them to dream big and continuously strive for more. Their journey through marriage, motherhood, and entrepreneurship is marked by unwavering commitment and resilience.

“We pay attention to every detail, no matter how small. From ensuring each outfit is perfectly steamed to maintaining consistency with our signature labelled hangers, we strive to uphold our vision for the brand. Even as young entrepreneurs, we recognised the importance of these finer points in achieving excellence and delivering a curated experience for our clients,” explains Sahar.

The sisters’ success story is a source of inspiration for women entrepreneurs and has significantly impacted Bangladesh’s fashion industry. Their enduring legacy will be a testament to their beautiful bond and relentless dedication.

Photograph: Rony Rezaul