Grand Inauguration of Teenage Life Skill Academy

The Teenage Life Skill Academy had a grand opening with its first class, bringing together 20 students, parents, and special guests from Mutual Trust Bank PLC and Grameen Danone Shokti Food Ltd. The day kicked off with a warm welcome and snacks from Grameen Danone Shokti Food Ltd, making everyone feel happy. Each student and their parents started their journey by completing their registration, marking the beginning of something special.

Ghulam Sumdany Don, Founder of Teenage Life Skill Academy, led the very first class on “Psychometric Testing & Career Guidance.”  Using the MBTI personality test, each student, along with their parents, learned about their unique personalities and received advice on careers that match.

Parents were excited to join in, sharing thoughts on how to support their kids’ interests for their future. Ghulam Sumdany Don advised the parents to ‘create a space where their children can explore what they love.’ The class wrapped up with a joyous celebration, including cutting a cake to signify the start of a journey filled with learning, discovery, and empowerment.

The Teenage Life Skill Academy is dedicated to helping teenagers learn essential life skills and discover careers that bring them happiness.Key Courses at Teenage Life Skill Academy:

• Psychometric Test & Career Guidance: Nurturing informed career decisions.
• Public Speaking: Building confidence in effective communication.
• Social Skills: Enhancing interpersonal relationships.
• Social Media Awareness: Fostering responsible digital citizenship.
• Managing Emotions: Cultivating emotional intelligence for well-being.
• Self Defense: Empowering with practical self-defense techniques.
• Money Management: Instilling financial literacy for a secure future.

For enrollment and further information, please visit: or 

Contact: Arna Devroy of Don Sumdany Facilitation & Consultancy at: 01897711537