A Resilient 2024

As 2023 comes to a close, we are in the midst of a timeline that feels very uncertain, dark and uncanny. We are advancing in the speed of lightning when it comes to things like technology, AI and robotics. Yet, these very things are being used to subjugate us and hold us down. Particularly in terms of what we are allowed to voice about the people who are in power.

As Pluto, the harbinger of death, destruction and generational lessons has moved through the final degrees of Capricorn, the sign of governments, institutions and established hierarchy, the events in 2023 have laid major cracks in the veil. This unveiling has enabled us to see the true nature of people who are in power. We have been exposed to the greed and ruthlessness of governments and institutions. We are still bearing witness to a genocide on our phone screens, where the most powerful countries in the world are complicit. There is collective trauma that is being accumulated, and the good news is that 2024 can bring healing. But not without struggle.

Looking back on 2023, I feel it is important for us to ask ourselves what we have learnt from this year. And I ask this, not just on a personal level, but as a collective. What have we learnt about the way that the world works? How have our ideologies shifted? What have we realised about our own power? The power of our voice, through social media for example and our power as consumers.

We started off 2023 with three planets in retrograde: Mercury, Mars and Uranus. This is very reflective energy, which was indeed the theme for 2023. And in many ways, the themes of these three planets have played out throughout the year as well as they exerted their celestial influence towards life here on earth. We have seen Mercury’s influence through the use of social media, where individuals have risked their lives to livestream the violent and horrific events playing out in Gaza.

Mercury rules communication, and when it is in retrograde, communication goes awry. Fake news, propaganda, and misinformation has been rife this year especially used to cover up the atrocities of war and genocide. Mars is the planet of war, aggression and the military and has been in a series of very potent aspects especially towards the final quarter of the year. Uranus is the planet of rebellion, revolution, liberation and freedom. As a collective, we may be embodying these Uranian traits in order to move towards a changed status quo. It seems desperately like the world needs drastic shifts away from the established norm.

On October 4th, Mars was conjunct the South Node, which brings up karmic themes of the past. Mars in Libra believes in fighting for justice and fighting for peace. On the 7th of October, Mars in Libra made a square to Pluto in Capricorn. The Palestinian resistance, Hamas attacked Israel in a desperate plea for freedom after 78 years of occupation. While there have been questions about the nature of the attack itself, due to the Zionist propaganda, what played out in the months after has been nothing short of violent, dark and terrible in nature. As mentioned previously, Mars is the planet of war and aggression. Pluto, on the other hand, rules the underworld. It represents themes of power, control and intense transformation through bringing what is hidden in the collective shadow to the surface.

Pluto will move into Aquarius in January of 2024, heralding a brave new world through a 20-year transit of the sign. This time will usher in a reclamation of collective power, as we understand our power as a group, specifically towards humanitarian causes that uphold individual freedom. However, we may also see the infiltration of spyware and robotics and AI used more in warfare. In February, a concentration of planets in Aquarius, particularly Mars which will now be conjunct Pluto and sextile the North Node could bring about some sort of historic changes and revolution. This could be a significant time for the genocide in Palestine.

The North Node represents our collective destiny and what we need to cultivate. This will make a conjunction to Chiron, the Wounded Healer in February, and this will be a positive aspect to the planets in Aquarius. This could be a very pivotal moment for us as we understand the depth of our collective wound, and where we need to heal. Aries is ruled by Mars and is also the very first zodiac sign, so some of the themes we may need healing around are related to war and children.

The North Node in Aries is a call for us to wake up as individuals and take action in our lives. Mars will conjunct the North Node as well on May 19th, amplifying this theme. However, there is a dangerous aspect to this transit if violence gets out of hand. However, lessons from our anger and drive can really move us forward towards our purpose.


In April 2024, Jupiter will meet in conjunction with Uranus, which is one of the major transits for the year. This could seed a time of transformation and change in the financial markets, particularly a boom for cryptocurrency and digital alternatives to money. This time might also bring about new and radical inventions that could bring about long lasting change. It will be in a positive aspect to Mars in Pisces, sandwiched between Saturn and Neptune. We may see this manifesting as information or news coming out about hidden or secret government agencies dealing with immigration policies. It could even be related to news coming out in relation to Big Pharma.

In May 2024, Jupiter will enter Gemini, where it is considered to be in its fall. When it transits through a sign, its traits become amplified, both positive and negative. While we may be privy to information never known before, we will also have to be discerning about what news we are ingesting, and how much of it is real. A square to Saturn in August, could again bring about restrictions from authority figures.

We will have the first eclipse in Pisces in September, where themes of compassion and healing will ask us to embrace the dissolution of manmade boundaries. This could be a very interesting time, as we see the collective more pulled towards the mystical aspects of life, spiritual healing, religious faith and the pull of the collective unconscious. This could again shed light on the aspects of life that are hidden or secret from us.

The year will end with a Mars Retrograde, and Mars will make two significant oppositions to Pluto. On November 3rd, Mars in Cancer will oppose Mars in Capricorn. And then on December 6th, Mars in Leo will oppose Mars in Pluto. This is an extremely intense energy, with determined efforts towards regeneration and renewal. Mars in Leo is a warrior for individualism but the opposition to Pluto could bring an urge to act heroically for something bigger than ourselves.

This does seem to be an overall theme for 2024 – a time of transformation, revolution and upheaval and the reclamation of our strength as a group. Coincidentally, strength is the tarot card for 2024 inviting us to lead with our heart, find courage, and foster our inner fortitude and resilience. Whether 2024 will bring the uprising we need, depends on whether we are able to harness our strength positively.

Taking the lessons from 2023 will be integral in how the energies play out in 2024. Only when we embody the fight for freedom and liberation as a part of our individual action, will we see society begin to change.