Effortless Elegance

What drove the vision behind Jubilation?

To this date, tailoring is still considered formal wear in Bangladesh, more specifically it is considered a formal winter garment, with the sole purpose of keeping the wearer warm. The thought of year round suiting is still alien for most people in Bangladesh. The concept of dressing up in interesting layers during the summer is still viewed as an odd spectacle. This made me realise that the idea of bespoke tailoring wasn’t very well understood in Bangladesh. Therefore, we decided to birth a culture where tailored clothing can be worn every day, whatever the occasion, without the fear of looking out of place.

We advocate for a departure from the notion of occasional wear for suits, urging customers to embrace and wear their suits as often as they want, turning threads of wear into stories. Our garments are designed to seamlessly transition from formal settings to casual outings, ensuring you always look and feel your best. This versatility is a reflection of our understanding that your clothing should adapt to your lifestyle, not the other way around.

I’ve always been keen on tailored clothes, as a result I have tried all the major luxury tailoring houses based in Dhaka, but as a consumer I wasn’t quite satisfied due to numerous reasons such as certain issues with the fit or finish, the lack of thorough understanding of tailoring concepts, or even fabric for that matter. Some of these brands have a massive following, yet the hype is often not backed up by substance.

Jubilation focuses on making high-quality suits tailored for Bangladeshi climate. We emphasise meticulous craftsmanship, investing around 75 hours in hand-stitching each jacket.

Moreover, we try to foster a relationship with our clientele where one can drop by the tailor’s to converse about life, and talk about their shared interest in tailoring over a cup of doppio. Trust me, the coffee always tastes better here.

What shapes Jubilation’s vision and philosophy?

I gained an immense appreciation for handcrafted suits while walking around London’s Savile Row. My attention to detail is evident in everything we do, from choosing the best fabrics to carefully hand-stitching each garment.

Our decision to embrace hand-tailoring is rooted in functionality. We often get asked, why go through the trouble of launching a whole new business, why not just adapt Ferdous to fit the vision we have for Jubilation? To be honest, we tried but it was not possible due to various obstacles and frankly, the structures of the two businesses are completely different. At Jubilation, we only focus on a limited number of bespoke pieces per month, with no intention of increasing that amount. The concept of mass production does not apply here.

Created in small numbers, to the highest possible quality we can provide, our products are uncompromised in every possible way, because despite our playful nature, we take this job extremely seriously. The only brief we work towards is the one where the garment stops being merely a garment and becomes a masterpiece.

Jubilation is committed to providing the best tailoring experience possible. We take the time to understand each customer’s individual needs and consult with them personally, whether they’re looking for a wedding suit or just wearable art. At the heart of Jubilation lies our dedication to empower our customers with knowledge and personalised attention.

Photograph: Shihab Mohammad