Blended Alchemy of Nature


Renowned artist Zahangir Alom’s hopes, dreams and vitality are irresistible. He keeps  himself busy celebrating life through the pleasures of worldly creations. His devotion  and dedication are attached to paintings only.  

His 3rd solo exhibition, ‘Songs of the Soul’, portrays the impression of his continuous  practice and transition. He created the artworks from the core of his heart, filled with  creative pleasures. The exhibition, which took place on 03 November 2023, at La Galerie  of Alliance Française de Dhaka, Dhanmondi, reflected mostly semi-abstract pieces that  blended themes of feminism, music and poetry. This series of artwork honours Bengali  folk painting with Bengali Sarachitra. Artist Zahangir Alom’s substantial experience as  ‘Resident Artist’ of Oriental Painting Studio is exhibited in his unique quality of colour  mixing in the paintings.  

The paintings represent images of flowers in abstract forms. Here the colour comes with  the charming message of form. His work celebrates nature in his own style of  watercolour wash. The art lovers at the  exhibition felt the beauty of each  character and element in his artworks.  The inner flowers, feminine characters,  trees and foliage are blended in an  imagined alchemy. Created through  traditional wash method, the paintings  also reflect a mix of three-dimensional  colour play. Though Zahangir has  acquired his skill through devoted  practice and observing the work of  oriental artists in the Oriental Painting  Studio, he has created his own style and  technique, which is a combination of  traditional wash method and Western  Tertiary colour coating.  


Artist Zahangir Alom 

Anis A. Khan, Member of the Board of  Governors, Society for the Promotion of  Bangladesh Art, Prof. Mohammad Eunus,  Chairman of Art Bangla Foundation,  Zareen Mahmud Hosein, Director of  Shasha Denims Limited graced and other  esteemed guests graced the exhibition  with their presence. Prof. Dr. Malay Bala,  Faculty of Fine Arts, Dhaka University  fittingly curated the exhibition. The guests  were awed by his paintings that create  their own worlds coloured in red, blue,  yellow, orange and black with the same  level of brightness. The paintings  perfectly personified the monsoon –  rain-drenched nature, the smell of the  earth and the colour of the air, all  saturated in the melody of nature’s music.


Art Photographs: Mohosin Kabir

Artist Photo: Rupom Chowdhury