Auric Vibrance

Amidst nature’s transition from green leaves to yellow daffodils, our emotions and auras undergo a subtle transformation. Celebrating this spectrum of sensations, Edge, The Foundation, presents Auric Vibrance: The Cauldron of Passion.


Monet’s impressionistic palette resonates with the vitality of existence, where colors dance in an intricate interplay, evoking obsession and a transcendent joy. Nipa’s paintings, too, evoke synesthetic experiences, her oil expertise conveying sensations like the touch of water or the wafting notes of music. Engaging with these captivating pieces reveals intricate details, fostering a joyful tranquility in the pulsating hues. A radiant serenity, resonating with the rhythms of the inner spirit, invites us to connect with a world of harmonious ripples. Cherish a moment in Nipa’s aesthetic brilliance curated by Edge, as her artistry unveils the unseen dance of pigments and the ethereal spectrum beneath the surface.


Event Type : Solo Art Exhibition
Artist : Maksuda Iqbal Nipa
Organized by : Edge, the Foundation
Venue : Edge Gallery
Exhibition Dates: 03 December- 24 December, 2023

This exclusive exhibition – Auric Vibrance: The Cauldron of Passion, showcases 39 artworks.

Photographs: Courtesy of Edge, The Foundation