Auric Vibrance – The Cauldron of Passion

As the crisp tendrils of winter unfurl, artist Nipa is set to transport art connoisseurs into a realm of enchanting wonder with her upcoming solo exhibition. Within the confines of each grand canvas, Nipa skillfully transcends conventional boundaries, delicately encapsulating the very essence of everyday experiences.


This exhibition promises a harmonious spectacle of vibrations, enveloped within a mystical aura that beckons the audience to submerge themselves in the profound passion animating every brushstroke.

A blissful experience awaits, where the resonance of the soul harmonizes with the ballet of dancing pigments. Elevate your senses and join us on this blissful journey at the Opening Evening.

Event Type : Solo Art Exhibition
Artist : Maksuda Iqbal Nipa
Organized by : Edge, the Foundation
Venue : Edge Gallery
Inauguration : 03 December, 2023
Duration : 03 December- 24 December, 2023