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Five Bangladeshi podcasts that inspire, teach, entertain and make you think

In an age where information and entertainment intertwine seamlessly, a new medium has captured the world’s attention and imagination: podcasts. What started as a niche form of digital broadcasting has rapidly evolved into a global phenomenon, uniting diverse audiences under the banner of verbal storytelling. Recently, the rise of podcasts has created an unprecedented avenue for knowledge-sharing, storytelling, and connection, fostering a sense of community that transcends borders and time zones. Famous internet personalities like Joe Rogan or Steven Bartlett have their own podcasts where they interview a wide variety of guests, starting from MMA fighters to CEOs to even Elon Musk. And it’s not just about startups and businesses, podcasts nowadays cover a wide genre of topics – music, literature, crime or even horror stories!

While there has been a massive surge in the number of audiences of this rising medium, the podcast scene in Bangladesh is also growing as content creators and social media influencers have started to explore this creative avenue. Rising right after the COVID-19 pandemic, there are multiple podcasts in Bangladesh that are now routinely broadcast, both on Facebook and YouTube. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ones.

The Trinomial Podcast

This is arguably one of the most famous podcasts in Bangladesh at this moment. Three content creators – Khalid Farhan, Shadman Sadik and Enayet Chowdhury – came together as a trio and launched this podcast. What made this podcast stand out is that there is no particular studio; each of them records it from their own home/studio and there is no fixed topic or theme upon which this podcast revolves. They have a Facebook group where they allow fans to engage, ask questions or suggest topics. And generally, these get discussed during a particular session. Topics range from freelancing, education, and politics to pretty much anything that has recently taken place in Bangladesh. Occasionally the trio also invites guests and then asks them industry-relevant questions. The podcast has quite a strong fanbase and even has its own merchandise – indicating that podcasts in Bangladesh are also commercially viable. New episodes are aired every Tuesday and they have been running this since 2021, with occasional lapses in between. Till now, the podcast aired more than 70 episodes. So, if you want to keep up with the recent trends and see three of Bangladesh’s rising content creators discussing, arguing and at times laughing at each other – then this should be your go-to podcast.  

2 Cents Podcast

2 Cents Podcast, hosted by Nafees Salim and Sazzad Ahsan, mainly focuses on business, marketing and productivity. With a subscriber base of more than 100k viewers, this is one of the fastest-growing podcasts in Bangladesh. They bring in guests who mostly talk about the business side of things. From the former CEO of Robi giving career advice for young professionals to the Managing Director of PizzaBurg spilling secrets on how he manages to sell the highest number of pizzas across Dhaka, the podcast offers some interesting takes on business. This one-of-a-kind candid and unfiltered podcast features honest discussions of the guests about how they have attained success in their lives and careers. Some of the episodes have really gained traction. The episode where they invited Neel Nafis, a young freelancer in Bangladesh, went viral within a week. Currently, that particular episode has amassed more than 1 million views on YouTube. Initiated in March 2022, the 2 Cents Podcast already boasts more than 45 episodes, with a diverse set of guests. So, if you’re an aspiring business student or budding entrepreneur, then this should be a must-listen for you.  

Perspective Podcast

Hosted by the renowned psychologist Yahia Amin, the Perspective Podcast sheds light on a wide array of topics. From student migration to mental health to even religion – this podcast entertains and informs you about various issues and topics of life and living. The topics at times can be thought-provoking and intriguing. The podcast brings in relevant industry experts and experienced guests. If you want to know about different, thought-provoking topics, this podcast can be a good pick. So far, 76 episodes on varying topics are available to stream online. So, if you’re not boxed into any particular genre and just want to spend some time listening to good insights by subject matter experts, then Perspective Podcast can be your ideal pick.


I started a Podcast

The host of this podcast, Jon Kabir, is already well-known thanks to Black, Indalo and his OTT dramas. However, his creative endeavour took a different turn when he started to experiment with this new medium. Currently airing its fourth season, I started a Podcast brings in guests from a wide spectrum. You can listen to musicians’ journeys (Balam and Artcell, for instance) or even hear about the lives and perspectives of artists in other creative industries like the Rehana Maryam Noor-famed Azmeri Haque Badhon, or the popular stand-up comedian Amin Hannan Chowdhury. The best part about this podcast is that it gives you an inner glimpse into the thoughts and mindset of the celebrities you’re quite accustomed to seeing. So I started a Podcast can be a great choice if you want to relax on the weekend and take a sneak peek into the lives of popular Bangladeshi musicians and celebrities. 

Branding Bangladesh

This podcast, hosted by the well-known RJ Kibria, stands out from other popular podcasts, featuring ordinary people with extraordinary feats from various walks of life. As the podcast features common, ordinary people, the discussions also revolve around the lives of the guests and their extraordinary journeys. The podcast grips audiences through a mixed storytelling style – some guests take you through a journey of triumph; some, through a retrospect of their struggles and hardships. The diversity of the guests, their emotions, and the nostalgic or lamenting stories can shock, surprise, captivate or even make you question societal stereotypes. The show aired more than 50 episodes so far, available both on Facebook and YouTube. So, if you’re ever feeling low or are in the mood to quietly listen to an unknown, common person’s life story, then Branding Bangladesh treats you with the best possible respite.

The podcasts mentioned above offer you options to think, learn, understand and enjoy too. If you have not tuned in to any one of them, then do so, at least one of them. Who knows, waves of wisdom may be waiting at your door to transform your life with a new light! 

Photographs: Internet