Project Komol 3.0 by JCI Dhaka Uptown

JCI Dhaka Uptown has completed it’s 5th Phase of Sanitary Pads Distribution of Project Komol 3.0 (Female Hygiene Project).

Mirpur Kalshi Computer Lab

On 29th of August 2023, the team of JCI Dhaka Uptown went to Mirpur Kalshi Pushpokoli school where they supported hundreds of female students with sanitary pads and took a session of Menstrual Hygiene and spreader awareness of Curvical Cancer too. The President of JCI Dhaka Uptown, Ms. Raisa Naser Khan, was present there along with her ‘First GentleMan’ Mr. Shams.

From her board, Vice President Faijannur Akhon, Committe Chair: Barrister Tazrian Reza & general member Tulon were present at the project execution.

In 2021, the project was launched by the General member Ms. Raisa Naser Khan. The unprecedented situation of Covid was massive during the time. The project was done in a smaller scale with a selected number of slums. The Research & development team “The Help Project” collaborated with this project for datas of sanitization & hygiene which created a greater impact identifying the targeted people for the campaign.

Furthermore, the project was continued in 2022 while Ms. Raisa Naser Khan was a board member and was elected as the Vice President of JCI Dhaka Uptown and sanitary pads were Distributed in the same slums also few Female Madrasas. The sponsor of the project was her own company Glamshow.

An online campaign with fashion bloggers and famous entrepreneurs has also been executed throughout social media.

For example, Bushra Kabir, Afsara Tasnim, Kingtisha & Tazrian Nity etc female influencers made videos of the awareness campaign and uploaded on their social media platform.

The slogan was:

‘With better hygiene, comes better health

In the year of 2023, Ms. Raisa Naser Khan was elected as the Local President of JCI Dhaka Uptown where she has expanded the project outside Dhaka and went extra miles for reaching out to the rural people who needs support for Menstrual Hygiene products and also awareness.

Not only Distribution of sanitary pads but Menstrual Hygiene Sessions were carried out as well. The awareness was massive and the Female who were not even aware of using sanitary pads, started using them. They are also facilitated with Menstrual Hygiene Check up from Shinasas Healthcare.

Ms.Raisa mentioned, being the Director of Shinasa Healthcare Ltd.

‘This is something I can do for the community as I have my ability to provide for them. If I am being able to facilitate my sisters like this and help the community for better health and hygiene, it will give me peace and contentment. By now, we have finished upto 7000 girls/women.’

‘It is not about the numbers you earn, the numbers of lives that changes through the numbers you earn.’

JCI Dhaka Uptown is also targeting the UNDP sustainable goals of (Gender Quality, Good Health & Quality Education) by providing Sanitary Pads and Female Hygiene Education to the Transgender community as well.

The team has completed few districts such as:

Chadpur, Sylhet, Dhaka Korail bosti, Mirpur Kalshi, Uttara and committed to reach out more districts within the end of the year.

Chadpur Jela Motlobpur