Transforming Travel Experiences

Sadia Haque, CEO and Co-founder of ShareTrip, talks about the innovation behind the country’s first online travel aggregator

CEO and Co-founder

Congratulations on winning the Women Leader of the Year award at the prestigious Kotler Awards 2023. How does it feel to receive this recognition?

Winning such an accolade at the prestigious Kotler Awards 2023 is incredibly fulfilling for me and our entire ShareTrip team. Being recognised among the esteemed leaders in the field of marketing and sharing the stage with influential teachers who have played a significant role in shaping my understanding of marketing has been a surreal and humbling experience. Receiving acknowledgement for my leadership and contributions through this award has inspired me to achieve more and aim higher. I am grateful to have received this tremendous opportunity to inspire and empower other women leaders across different industries.

ShareTrip has come a long way from being a startup to a market leader in the industry. How has the company evolved over the years, and what have been its strengths?

Since our inception, ShareTrip has consistently adapted to market needs and consumer trends, ensuring relevance and delivering exceptional services. Despite challenges like the pandemic, we’ve experienced significant growth and a remarkable post-pandemic recovery. Our strength lies in understanding consumer behaviour and global landscapes. With dedicated teams in tech, marketing, sales, customer service, finance, and more, we’ve built ShareTrip into an excellent service platform for all tiers of travellers. ShareTrip is transforming the way people think and travel in Bangladesh. We believe in being our customers’ one-stop travel solution provider, and that is how every service is integrated into the system. From industry-first features like travel advisory and flight tracking to travel insurance and baggage protection, to name a few, we make travel easy and secure.

Through strong partnerships with airlines, hotels, and industry stakeholders, we offer various offers and services catering to diverse travel preferences. As we strive for a Smart Bangladesh, we aim to evolve the needs of consumers in this tech-driven world, where convenience and efficiency are paramount.

We believe in effective communication and education while building a sustainable business, encouraging travellers to embrace new and innovative ways of planning and experiencing travel. We aim to shape the future of travel in Bangladesh and beyond, making it seamless, enjoyable, hassle-free and ultimately an integral part of the consumers’ life, being the only preferred choice of our valued clientele base.

For a smart Bangladesh, we need smart use of technology to build a smart nation. ShareTrip is working relentlessly to craft innovative techniques and technologies to convert the traditional travel industry into the digital one.

Digital transformation and innovation are crucial for a Smart Bangladesh. How does ShareTrip incorporate digital transformation and innovation in the travel sector?

Gone are the days of laborious trip planning with multiple visits to visa centres and travel agencies. ShareTrip brings digital innovation to the travel sector with cutting-edge service platforms. Our online-based solutions simplify flight and hotel bookings, visa processing, packages, and more. We’re proud to introduce automated refund reissues and date changes, a first in Bangladesh. Consequently, the physical efforts to plan a trip are minimised as manual assistance is eliminated. ShareTrip offers the country’s most extensive hotel inventory and aims to bring more exposure to properties that traditionally operate offline. It increases customer choice and encourages offline businesses to embrace digital platforms and expand their reach. We are very proud to be the change maker of the travel and aviation industry, and these are just the start of the journey.

At the same time, ShareTrip also leads the industry in NDC (New Distribution Capability) integration with Airlines, providing the end users much more flexibility in airfares and associated services. Our advanced technology ensures a comprehensive booking process, empowering travellers to access a more extensive inventory with the best fares and services. As a result, ShareTrip brings customers to the forefront of travel innovation, unlocking a world of possibilities. For a Smart Bangladesh, we need Smart use of technology to build a Smart Nation. ShareTrip is working relentlessly to craft innovative techniques and technologies to convert the traditional travel industry into the digital one.

How do you envision the growth of ShareTrip over the coming years?

The love and support from our users, industry and associated partners made us more confident that we are on the right path. Till now, we have proudly received several recognitions from the leading airline operating in the country, displaying a strong presence and impact within the travel industry. Our Digital Commerce of the Year recognition at The Daily Star ICT awards indicates ShareTrip’s ability to influence the travel industry and the broader digital commerce landscape. Creating a workplace that the team members love, empowering people to continue and strengthen their businesses nationwide, and, most importantly, being the change maker for the nation is a never-ending road. ShareTrip’s vision is to create meaningful experiences beyond just trips, elevating consumers’ lives from all aspects. By facilitating seamless and memorable experiences, ShareTrip seeks to enhance its users’ overall experience with fulfilment.

Photograph: Courtesy of ShareTrip