People Over Profit

In conversation with Sohela Hossain, Board President, Mir Group of Companies

Sohela Hossain
Chairman, Mir Akhter Hossain Ltd.
President of the Board, Mir Group of Companies Ltd.
Vice Chairman, NCC Bank


What are some of Mir Group’s strengths that allowed it to enjoy continued success over the years?

Mir Group’s history can be traced back to the founding of Mir Akhter Hossain Ltd. by my father-in-law Mir Akeb Hossain more than six decades back, and since the start of its journey, the company has diversified and grown exponentially. We are an ever-evolving, growing business entity with a diverse portfolio of construction and technology businesses. Mir Group has been consistent with its focus on quality and professionalism in all its ventures. Each of our businesses is committed to providing high standards of service and customer satisfaction. Currently, there are several companies that are part of the Mir family, including Mir Akhter Hossain Limited, Mir Cement Ltd, Mir Concrete Products Ltd, Mir Ceramic Ltd, Mir Real Estate Ltd, Mir Telecom, Mir Info Systems, and a few others. We have become an industry-recognized name by delivering on quality, commitment and customer satisfaction. Our vision is aligned with the desire to turn our customers, who have come to rely on us over the years, into lifelong partners. 

How does NCC Bank ensure that it preserves the quality of service it is known for? 

NCC Bank is unique in its value proposition in that the bank is dedicated to contributing towards the betterment of the banking experience for its customers as well as benefiting society at large. We are driven by our desire to catalyse and achieve collective good, rather than by mere financial consideration. This core belief is deeply embedded in every employee of the bank, which motivates them to stay true to the vision. NCC Bank is meticulous about doing business and gives out loans only after exercising due diligence and conducting rigorous feasibility studies. We are focused on ensuring the bank is sustainable in the long run. We have always aimed to provide personalised services to our customers, and corporate clients and individuals always feel welcome doing business with our bank. NCC Bank currently has 126 branches and 149 ATM booths across the country serving the diverse banking needs of its valued customers. 

For me, the secret to managing a variety of roles has been diligence. I enjoy working hard and have many aspirations, some I have achieved and some that remain yet unrealised.

You are also an educator, author and noted Rabindra Sangeet singer. What is your secret to juggling all these roles?

For me, the secret to managing a variety of roles has been diligence. I enjoy working hard and have many aspirations, some I have achieved and some that remain yet unrealised. I earned first-class honours in my B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of Dhaka, which were followed by PhD offers from various universities. However, I chose to devote myself to bringing up my children. I am proud of my children, who excelled in their respective academic fields and are now thriving professionally. I balanced taking care of my children with teaching at academic institutions. I taught full-time at Ideal College and Tejgaon University College for over twenty-four years, as well as being guest faculty at various universities.

I have also written three books, two of which are on religion and spirituality, and I intend to write more. Rabindra Sangeet holds a special place in my heart and is an integral aspect of my affection for music. Rabindranath was a poet who profoundly understood people’s range of emotions. When I hear the lyrics to his compositions, I often feel as though my feelings have been reflected in them. I have six music albums and multiple soundtracks. I am honoured to have received the Telepress-TRUB Media Award in 2022 for my contribution to music. I continue to balance my various roles because I appreciate working diligently. 

Do you have any advice for young professionals?

My advice is simple: be honest, speak the truth, stay on the correct path, and never cut corners. Once you start doing that, everyone that works and interacts with you will respect you for your honesty and integrity – that has been my experience and remains my advice to everyone.


Photographs: Asif Uddin