The Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh (FDCB) is organising FDCB Bangladesh Fashion Week 2023 on the 16th and 17th March, 2023 at Aloki, Tejgaon

As the most prestigious fashion event of the country, Bangladesh Fashion Week 2023 brings spectacular collections from 18 FDCB Members and exciting creations featuring 6 visiting designers from India. The show will bring together fashion designers, retailers and luxury stakeholders in one platform. Sustainability and slow-fashion is at the heart of this fashion event.
Bangladesh Fashion Week (BFW) 2023 is a triumphal celebration of the age-old artisanal dress-making blending modernity and sustainability into the craft. The designers are set to express their thought-provoking, and artistic perceptions in each cut and stitch.

The theme for Bangladesh Fashion Week 2023 is “Wear clothes that tell a real story of people and planet.” We believe that fashion design is a powerful way to showcase the beauty of mother nature. Our talented designers will create modern, artisanal designs that acknowledges the collective contribution of our artisans to preserve our heritage. Their designs also raise awareness about environmental sustainability.

Featuring designers are:
From Bangladesh: Maheen Khan, Shaibal Saha, Chandana Dewan, Kuhu Plamondon, Farah Anjum Bari, Lipi khandker, Sharukh Amin, Nawshin Khair, Tenzing Chakma, Rifat Rahman, Afsana Ferdousi, Tasfia Ahmed, Rukhsana Esrar, Tanha Sheikh, Sadia Rupa, Imam Hassan, Kamrul Hasan Riyad, Madhuri Sanchita

From India: Soumitra Mondal, Rimi Nayak, Paromita Banerjee, Gunjan Jain, Ibalarihun Piwroy Mallai, Lalthlenmawia Chenkual

Sponsors & Partners:
FDCB Bangladesh Fashion Week 2023 is powered by Apex Footwear and driven by Hyundai Motors Limited. Community Bank is the banking partner of the event. The 2-day event will be supported by Buy Here Now, MTB, Streax, Maya, Ujjwala Care, Natura Care Limited.
Shera Digital 360 is organising the event. Hotel The Way Dhaka is the Hospitality Partner and Aloki is the Venue Partner of the event.

ICE Today is the magazine partner of the event.

About Fashion Designer’s Council of Bangladesh (FDCB)
The Fashion Designer’s Council of Bangladesh (FDCB) is a not for profit organization that escalates sustainable fashion and artisanal craftsmanship to revive Bangladeshi heritage. Headed by esteemed fashion designer, Maheen Khan, the organization is a platform for talented designers across the fashion spectrum in Bangladesh.
Over the years, the Fashion Design Council of Bangladesh has organized successful events, such as: Bangladesh Fashion Week 2019, Bangladesh Fashion Week 2020, Promotion of Rajshahi Silk 2014, Khadi the Future Fabric Show 2015, Khadi the Future Fabric Show 2016, Khadi the Future Fabric Show 2017, Nobo Anonde Boishakh 2018, Dhaka Chic Fashion Fair 2019, FDCB Fashion Fair 2019, Dhaka Street Fashion 2021, Bangladesh Couture Week 2022, Khadi Exhibitions, BFW Exhibitions, Majestic Silks of Bangladesh 2022, and the Impossible Collection of Fashion 2022.
FDCB is emerging as a learning platform for fashion designers. Previously, it has organized workshops and Q&A sessions with designers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Maldives. The organization aspires to bring out the best talents in the fashion industry with fresh creations.

For further communication, please contact:
Shaibal Saha, General Secretary, FDCB at +8801711614436