ISHO launches its Contemporary Luxury Home Collection

Dhaka, 15 March 2023: Modern furniture & lifestyle brand ISHO has launched its Montpellier Luxury Collection for modern homes; The elegant and refined collection derives inspiration from mid-century French design that underwent a renaissance in the 1950s, focusing on sculptural and artistic elements.

French mid-century design holds great significance as it was inspired by a wide range of styles, types and authors. With its avant-garde spirit and aesthetic based on functionality, the resulting furniture revealed clean and refined forms.

Defined by sleek, rounded silhouettes, the furniture in ISHO’s Montpellier Luxury series is crafted to uplift living spaces, dining areas, and bedrooms with an elite touch. The distinguished and unique outlines of each piece of furniture in this collection breathe new life into the space it is placed in. The launch of the series also gives ISHO’s customers the opportunity to give their homes a whole new look and feel, during the festive time of Eid.

Rayana Hossain, Founder and Managing Director, of ISHO, said, “We wanted to bring forth something very new and design a collection that has never been experienced before in Bangladesh. Our Montpellier series epitomizes modern luxury and stays true to our core philosophy of reinventing spaces with a global touch”

ISHO’s innovative design coupled with its capability of in-house manufacturing furniture has disrupted the traditional industry in Bangladesh; The brand boasts a rich catalogue of more than 4,500 items and 48 furniture collections that are influenced by global locations. Its central tenet, “Global ambitions, locally made,” ensures that quality and finish meet global standards and lessens the nation’s reliance on foreign furniture imports, which lowers prices. A broad range of items is available in various materials and colours to accommodate contemporary customer tastes and lifestyles.