The Trekking Techie

In conversation with Travel Filmmaker Nadir, where he describes the behind the scenes details that go into his videos for his popular Youtube channel. 

How has technology changed the way you travel/vlog ? How does the Samsung Galaxy Ecosystem help your professional life?

It depends on what specific technology we are discussing. I started filming in 2016, and how far phones have come since is unfathomable. If someone told me there would be phones like the Galaxy S22 Ultra that uses an assortment of wide-angle and telephoto lenses in one device and uses AI to tackle stabilisation and low-light conditions, I would have said that they have lost their mind.

I can use my phone and a mini-tripod to film, while using my Watch 4 to do the main tasks that you would traditionally rely on a phone for, and then edit like I am using a laptop simply by using Samsung DeX and a monitor. Having the convenience of everything I need to film and to work connected saves me a lot of time and allows me to do more in every part of life.

How can one produce high-quality content without the help of the extra equipment or a crew?

High-quality productions stem from filming with the story you are telling in mind and from knowing what gear to choose. The best camera for you is often the one in your pocket; I am increasingly relying on my Galaxy S22 Ultra. With the new 10x-zoom video and gimbal-esque digital stabilisation, I often switch from my main camera to my phone in the middle of a scene because I don’t have a DSLR lens that can zoom in as much as the phone or don’t have a gimbal on the spot to stabilise my camera. Anyone who knows what they are doing can produce high-quality work with a limited number of devices. In my case, that’s a camera with two zoom lenses and a mic, a drone and a solid smartphone.

Speaking of challenges, you often find yourself filming in low light and harsh temperatures; how do you overcome such adversities?

In short, by planning to avoid them. Knowing the limitations of my gear and knowing what angles/lenses work better in low-light situations is crucial. For temperatures, if it’s too hot, then I have to rough it out and make sure I stay hydrated. If it’s too cold, I just have to call off filming or take several breaks between shots to warm up. I have yet to figure out how to operate a drone controller if it’s cold enough to make my fingers go numb; it’s the main reason why I film in warmer parts of the world during the winter.

What advice do you have for newbie content creators aspiring to produce high-quality content (video) on their trips?

Do your research, have a game-plan, and then go for it. If you can, travel with people who help make your content better, not get in the way. Prepare to be flexible; you are going to make mistakes and everything will not go as planned. It is the human part of the story you will be telling that makes your content more interesting than a TV commercial where everything goes according to a script.

A backpacking solo traveller on a mission to learn about the world’s cultures, Nadir is a multi-award-winning travel filmmaker and content creator.
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Model: Nadir

Devices Used: Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy Watch5, Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Makeover: AURA Beauty Lounge

Photographer: Farabi Tamal

Location: Bengal Guest House, Savar