Deliciously Healthy

Eat Green Cafe, located in Banani, provides delicious and healthy food made from organic, fresh ingredients.

As people get older, eating junk food is not as appealing as it was when they were younger. Priorities change, and they want to stay healthy and in good shape. In order to live a healthy and fit life, two things are needed – exercise, and healthy eating. In Dhaka, there is a severe lack of restaurants offering healthy organic food. To make up for this gap in the market, ‘Eat Green Cafe’ was launched by the Fitness Company Alternate Fitness. 

Eat Green provides a wide range of healthy and delicious options on its menu. What’s more, it provides the exact calorie count of every item on the menu. There is a wide misconception that healthy food cannot possibly taste good, but anyone who tastes the food in this cafe will strongly disagree. With a variety of sandwiches, plant-based burgers, raw organic juices, healthy shakes and a salad bar, all the options are quite delicious.

Lovers of meat may be sceptical of their burgers not having meat, such as their best-selling ‘Unmeat Burger’. The patty of this burger is a blend of shiitake mushrooms, black beans, chickpeas, oats, lentils and beetroot. However, this burger is sure to satisfy their taste buds. 

Everything on the menu is organic and vegan-friendly. All the ingredients used are as fresh as possible, and there is absolutely no sugar or tasting salt in any of the dishes. The freshness of the ingredients is crucial in providing the best taste. 

The cafe is cosy and compact and can accommodate up to fifteen people at a time. During lunchtime, Eat Green cafe offers a buffet that includes the full salad bar as well as some hot items such as prawn skewers, chicken strips, tofu and more. This buffet is quite popular amongst corporate professionals in the area. The salad bar has a wide range of ingredients to choose from. 

Even if you crave sweet drinks or burgers, you can eat them from this cafe without feeling guilty about cheating on your diet. For instance, there is no sugar in any of the juices or shakes, but they are still sweet. Thus, when it comes to choosing a restaurant that will align with your fitness goals while still being delicious, you need not look any further than Eat Green Cafe.

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