Harmony of Senses

Galouti is an exclusive South Asian kebab, curry and chaat restaurant in town that serves culinary delights in a relaxed ambience. 

Food is magic! Blends of varied flavours evoke the essence of different cultures, and when these flavours are combined, it’s a celebration. Galouti is a Multi Cuisine restaurant that celebrates the richness of South Asian heritage by serving various flavours, each derived from its region of origin.

Galouti was initiated in August 2022. Since its inception, all those who have visited have praised the restaurant for its diversely delectable dishes and soothing ambience.

The spacious interior of Galouti allows a comfortable and peaceful dining space for corporate professionals and families. Each table is tactfully spaced from one another. Elegance and aesthetics have been thoughtfully incorporated into the interior design for a convenient dining experience. The prominence of mandala art on the walls signifies the wholeness and unity of South Asian cuisines. The warm lights in the restaurant perfectly infuse the essence of this part of the world. 

About the thoughts put into the interior design, Md Habibur Rahman, the Chief of Operations of Galouti, shared that they wanted to create a calm and relaxed space for corporate professionals, both in-between the bustle of work pressure and at the end of a long work day. Keeping this in mind, they have designed a spacious dining space with comfortable seats. Their sound-proof glass windows prevent the humdrum of chaos from the outside world from penetrating the calmness of the indoor space. The place is adorned with warm, soft lights, and soothing music plays in the background, all of which add to the serene ambience. 

The Galouti menu is a rich range of diverse South Asian food. From kebab, nehari, daal, naan, and paratha, to biryani, curry, vegetables, beverages, and desserts, Galouti offers a complete South-Asian multi-cuisine. Each is done with experimentation with Indian, Pakistani, and Middle-Eastern styles. The Galouti Kebab is one of the restaurant’s specialities for its soft and juicy texture. It is so smooth that the flavourful kebab melts inside the mouth instantly with each bite. Besides, the restaurant serves various South Asian street food, maintaining hygiene and quality, from 12 to 11 pm.

Expressing the sentiments and quality of the dishes, Chef Asim Khan said, “Food is an art. The exclusivity in any form of art comes with experiments and improvisation. That’s all we did. We have attempted to become a hub of South-Asian dishes for food lovers with varied cultural cuisines. We have brought Pakistani, Indian, and Bangladeshi food cultures and experimented with them in our style. Our prime concerns are cultural integrity, health, and taste, and we never compromise with them in serving our dishes.”

Galouti has become a beloved eatery in a short time. In this case, the restaurant management prioritises persistence in serving quality food. Hence, customer feedback is highly valued. Thus, at the end of the meal, they ask their clients to provide feedback on a card. They then try to incorporate this feedback into their services. The restaurant is cooking some great plans for the future. It includes opening a rooftop corner where they will serve juice, lassi, and refreshing beverages. They plan to serve paan at the end of the meal, a mandatory finishing dish in South Asian cuisine. Galouti will soon provide food delivery so that customers can order and enjoy their delicious food from the comfort of their own homes.

Galouti is a comfortable dining space for families and corporate professionals. It is a great place to enjoy your love for South Asian cuisine, all the while being able to relax and unwind.


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