realme takes Innovation in design a notch higher with the realme 9 pro plus

Smartphones can easily be distinguished by their performance, camera quality and price. But if you are a beauty seeker, the look of the phone is equally significant. Nowadays, smartphones are increasingly been considered as a fashion essential owing to the fact that innovative designs of the smartphones usually help the users elevate their lifestyle. Studies on young people’s purchasing and usage patterns of mobile devices reveal that these devices are used to express one’s identity and desire in a way similar to how they use clothing. Keeping that in mind, smartphone industry is putting more effort into beautifying their devices.

In the last few years, many stunning smartphones have been released in the market. Some of these phones broke the design monotony in the smartphone industry and there are other devices that has introduced innovations. One of the major innovations in design that we’ve witnessed is the initiation of the smartphone screens that can bend and fold. Because of these designs, nowadays the phones look extremely trendy.

Smartphones come in a variety of colors, and choosing the best one can often be a struggle. Usually people prefer black, silver, and white for a more classic vibe, but they can also be boring. To many fashionable users, red, green, or purple stands out and give a less professional look. Although, in future, you may not have to choose the color anymore as many smartphone companies are trying to incorporate changing color feature in their devices.

Just like other brands, youth-centric brand realme has recently released the beautiful realme 9 Pro+ globally, the new addition to its hero smartphone lineup. This smartphone comes with the first Sony IMX766 OIS camera in segment, dual stereo speaker with Dolby Atmos, Light Shift design, Ultra Smooth Display with high refresh rate and the Dimensity™ 920 5G processor.

As the latest version of realme Number series, realme 9 Pro+ adopts the best camera in segment. However, it stands out from other devices because of its unique design. Its screen is made of Super AMOLED material and supports a high refresh rate of 90Hz, providing vivid colors and a smooth display, with an in-display fingerprint sensor that can detect heart rate.

The first thing that one will notice when you hold realme 9 Pro+ in your hands is its design. It’s been designed by realme Design Studio™ with three color variants; black, green and blue. The gorgeous sunrise blue has an eye-catching photochromatic design. Its color changes from an oil slick blue to a sunset red when exposed to UV/ sunlight. It is the first light shift design that is no less than an instant attention-grabber. However, if you are looking for a subtle device, the sunrise blue version of the phone is not what you should get. realme 9 Pro+ also comes in aurora green and midnight black, either way it’s gorgeous and gives a chic look.

realme 9 Pro+ is also the slimmest smartphone of the Number series. It’s 7.99mm thin and weighs only 182g. The advanced structural stacking technology and refined components keep realme 9 Pro+ slim, light and comfortable, even with its massive 4500mAh battery. The back made of glass combined with the slimmer and lighter body makes the phone highly user-friendly and soothing to the eyes.

Usually, the first thing that grabs our attention within any device is its design – how it looks in our hands. realme 9 Pro+ with its latest style and designs is undoubtedly the best smartphone in this segment and is sure to enhance your urban look just within a jiffy!