It’s that time of the year again! Load up on Cupid’s golden arrows and spread the love this Valentine’s Day with ISHO’s Date-in-a-Box. Start the day with a romantic gesture of breakfast in bed, scoot in close for a warm evening with your favourite movie, and celebrate your love over an intimate candlelight dinner. This year, ISHO’s newly unveiled Date-in-a-Box is sure to make your Valentine’s Day the most memorable one, right in the safety and comfort of your home.


ISHO takes simple gestures like breakfast in bed to the next level. Present an exquisite spread of your favourite breakfast items in a range of elegantly designed plates and bowls, and serve them on a cute, dark breakfast tray. The combination of freshly baked croissants, fresh fruits and coffee will set the theme for the most romantic day of the year.




Grey Ceramic Side Plates, Dark Breakfast Tray, Kantet Navy Mug (Set of Two), Ribbet Green Small Bowl (Set of Two), Posate Silver Cutlery (Set of Two)


Very few things in the world can be as intimate as a candlelight dinner at home. Leave it to ISHO to provide the essentials you need to plan and execute every tiny aspect of your perfect dinner. Use black ceramic dinner plates to set the tone of the night. Ensure the drinks are served on fancy wine glasses with golden cutleries to enhance the regal ambience.



Black Ceramic Dinner Plates, Black Ceramics Side Plates, Navigli Black Candle Stand, Golden Cutlery (Set of Two), Svelte Red Wine Glass, Esterilla Red Table Runner and Placemat Set



One movie? That’s just a regular Thursday night. Pick your faves and set up the living room for a rom-com marathon! Make sure to have plenty of cosy cushions, throws, popcorn, hot beverages and your top films all queued up and ready to go.



Leaf Bowls, Black Ceramic Mug (Set of Two), Filt White Throw, Elliot Pink Cushion Cover


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Models: Safa Kabir, Nibir Adnan Nahid
Decor and Furniture: ISHO
Wardrobe: Klubhaus
Makeover: AURA Beauty Lounge
Coordination: Ansa Tasfiha Suhi
Photographs: Rony Rezaul