Having always been career oriented, Kaneez knew what she wanted to do with her life by her early teens. Although she has been a professionally practicing MUA only for two years now, her main focus has always been to create and reach goals rather than doing business.


Doing what you want is important. I know it might sound cliché but makeup for me is not just my career, it’s my passion; my art and art is creativity. My mission right now is to introduce the contemporary trending glam looks to new brides and pair it with the most traditional outfits and jewellry. 
MUA, Kenshō


In an exclusive feature for ICE Today, the talented makeup artists of Kenshō, Sumaiya Akter and Kaneez show us their take on bridal and glam makeovers!


Subtle and soft makeovers are my thing. I have always believed that beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin and that exactly what I want my clients to feel when I doll them up.”
MUA, Kenshō


About a year ago, Sumaiya Akter’s passion turned into her profession. Although she has taken a few courses, Sumaiya is largely self-taught.