For that long-anticipated respite from scorching heat

Mercury count in the last few days is making headlines in Bangladesh. As heatwave sweeps through the country, Bangladesh recorded the highest temperature in the last seven years, with the mercury count rising to 41.2 degrees Celsius. Such rising temperature, along with blistering heat during summer days, is making our lives unbearable. But, when you walk in front of a shopping mall or a big corporate office, you feel the relief – a gust of cold breeze gives you the anticipated feel. Yes, that’s right. You can have the same comfort even at your home or office.

In the face of rising temperature and summer heat, the only respite can be air conditioners. Out of innumerable options out there in the market, picking the right air conditioner can be an arduous task. Samsung air conditioners with all the right benefits and amenities could be a convenient choice considering the fact that those boast longer periods of hassle-free service.

Samsung air conditioners are facilitated with an inverter, an energy-saving technology that is helpful for increasing operational efficiency by controlling motor speed. It means these ACs are energy-efficient owing to digital inverter 8-pole technology that reduces noise and maintains the desired temperature without frequently turning the motor off and on. Consequently, people or offices using any of the Samsung ACs won’t have to worry about bearing a huge electricity bill at the end of the month.

The ACs are equipped with a fast cooling mode. It brings down the temperature of the room or office at a faster rate by running the compressor at the maximum level. After cooling down the room/space, the compressor gets back to its usual speed. The air conditioner then automatically shifts to comfort cool mode and maintains an optimal temperature, creating a moderate ambiance for all. Because of such an automatic process, the users can have a good night’s sleep in tranquility without any tension and getting those chills at midnight.

As far as performance is concerned, these air conditioners can withstand even the most unfavorable climate conditions with triple protector plus technology. It comes with an anti-corrosive coating, prevents overloads, and has the ability to survive extreme heat. Most importantly, people allergic to certain dust and germs must go for Samsung air conditioners as their auto-clean function removes dust and moisture, preventing the accumulation of bacteria and other detrimental elements. Moreover, the Easy Filter Plus helps to reduce harmful bacteria, this can be opened and cleaned very easily.

From 1.0 Ton to 2.0 ton, customers can choose Samsung AC according to their preferences, room size and budget priorities. Within the price range of BDT 67,900 to BDT 98,400 the ACs are available at the outlets and online shop as well with 12% instant cashback. Customers buying these ACs will enjoy 10 years’ warranty for the compressor and 1 year for the parts. Moreover, the buyers will also get free home delivery and free installation apart from a chance to pay the amount availing of up to a 6-month EMI facility.


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