Jennifer Samaira, “Fashion can also be a great way to represent my own culture and heritage”

Jennifer Samaira, a UK-based bridal model gets candid about her journey, the importance of a healthy lifestyle and why she always wants to come back to Bangladesh

Tell us briefly about your modeling career.

When I started four years ago, it wasn’t an easy journey. The trials and tribulations I went through were similar to many other beginners in the industry. London is the style capital of the world, and the modelling industry there is full of fierce competition. However, by dint of hard work and a leap of faith to make a mark in that area, I kept persuading my dream. I have always been rooted in my own culture and tradition. I take immense pride in promoting the ethnic wears of my country. The beautiful cultural heritage has always enabled me to hold my head high among all my peers in the fashion community.

Who has inspired you the most in this journey?

I must say that behind everything is my Husband, being truly my rock and my support system throughout my difficulties. The way he keeps motivating me is unparalleled. He has inspired me to keep working harder every day. Of course, there were moments of despair and disappointments. However, he didn’t let me lose faith in my capabilities and thus, I bagged the opportunity to work for one of the biggest Indian channels named Colors tv. That success snowballed and eventually provided me with the opportunity to showcase my work on many other platforms in Bangladesh!

How did Bangladeshi artists encourage you to join the world of acting and modeling?

Well to be honest, while growing up, I was lucky to have seen the work of our cine artists in a film studio. Watching their shoots or enjoying a LIVE performance used to thrill me from the beginning. When I went to Italy, I got into a famous acting school. That stint paid well. I learned to act and sing there and did some stage performances too. After moving to the UK, the big Asian fashion industry, particularly one that represents Indian couture intrigued me to try my luck in modeling. Eventually, I figured out that fashion can also be a great way to represent my own culture and heritage.

Tell us about your style mantra.

Always wear what’s makes you feel comfortable. Young girls of my age can get a little carried away at times and end up buying clothes and accessories, many of which might not add value to their closets. My advice would be to buy what one needs and refrain from impulse buying so that one doesn’t have to regret it later. Also, I believe in sharing my knowledge about wellness with others to spread awareness. One must keep learning everyday by reading or watching, to contribute to fashion which has a cause and can leave a meaningful impact on society.

How do you promote Bangladeshi fashion in the UK?

I don’t find it difficult at all to follow our fashion especially because I live in London, a city that is full of Bangladeshi people. There are always events and moments where you can wear traditional clothes and jewelry and flaunt your inner proud deshi vibes with elan.

What does your beauty regimen look like?

I strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle, drinking at least 1 litre of water every day, working out or doing yoga at least for 1 hr a day, eating more but in a less quantity throughout the day, and have a salad or a well-balanced meal for dinner and having sweets only one day in a week! In the age of binge-watching and constant scrolling of social media pages, we are overloaded with information, and there comes the importance of sleeping. I try to have an ample amount of sleep every day to keep my mind and body fresh.

So what’s coming next?

Celebrity makeup artist Ruby Artistry and Afra Hossin

I am all set to come to Bangladesh this year and start my work as a model. Working with big fashion houses and eventually becoming the ambassador of a renowned brand are my two top priorities. Bangladesh right now is teeming with talented makeup artists, designers and photographers. I would like to work with some of these emerging talents. In the visual media, if possible, I would like to do shoots, attend shows and keep promoting my culture and heritage.