Effortlessly Pretty

Salma Sarwar Kabita, owner of Kabita’s Makeup Studio and Skincare Spa talks about her journey and how to add fun elements to your makeup regimen this spring


When did you start doing makeup professionally? What was the training you
attended so far?
Salma Sarwar Kabita, Owner, Kabita’s Makeup Studio & Skincare Spa

2017 was the year when I started doing makeup professionally. Soon I realized I need to brush up on my skills and learning from international experts would be the best way to do that. My first training was at “International Makeup School Back Stage Malaysia” and after that, I completed my graduation from “London Makeup School” in the UK on beauty makeup. After graduating, I assisted Francesco Lo Cascio, Cristina Sikalias for about a year. I did several Makeup Masterclasses from the world-renowned, award-winning Makeup artists like Jordan Liberty, Denessa Myricks, Enat Dan, Tanizi Mua, Valda
Haggerty, etc. I also did Skincare training from UK RENÉ’ Academy.

Would you like to mention a few of the makeup artists who inspired you the most?
Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath has always been my inspiration. Besides, great makeup exponents like Mario Dedivanovic, Jordan Liberty, Denessa Myricks,
and Nicci Weston.

How do you define beauty?

I believe in the age-old adage, “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. Having said that, one must not forget that beauty on the inside is important to nurture: kindness, generosity, and care-all of these help us become better. To feel beautiful, one must let one’s love shine through everything one does.

Which kind of makeup is best for girls and women in our country?

I believe girls should always wear natural makeup. For women, a little bit of drama would not harm. Smoky eyes go well with light lips with a bit of blush on-you are ready to go! Sometimes one should try bold lipstick with a little highlighter and mascara.

What would be your advice for spring makeup?

Spring is all about being effortlessly pretty. For those with good skin, little foundation and face-powder can do magic. If you notice the current trends, the floating liner is very much in: pastel eyeliner or light pink color has been taking over everyone’s Insta feed. To look pretty, line your lower lashes with a lighter shade. You can also try to add a fun element to your look. Sticking of just one eye shadow color or trying a different shade on each eye, like blue-orange, baby blue-lilac, navy blue-forest green, or Ruby Red Smokey
eyes–there is no hard and fast rule of looking delightfully different. To give yourself all over blush, sweep bright pink color on your cheek temples and
underneath your brow bones.

How should one take care of their skin?

My advice would be to wash your face with a good face wash. During day time, using a toner, followed by day moisturizer is imperative. During night time, using moisturizer, lip balm, and eye cream is important. As a weekly regimen, exfoliation of your entire body is
important. Many people use face masks which is a good thing. Don’t forget to take care of your hairs: hot oil massage on your head and shampoo will help both hair and scalp. Easy tasks like a monthly professional facial, threading, mani-padi are not heavy on the wallet but help maintain a clean and fresh look. Drinking lots of water, eating vitamin-enriched food and plenty of sleep are also important.