Creating a Higher Standard

A row of pristine cars gleams under the lights as you step into the establishment. The latest models with their glistening metallic surfaces boasting smooth edges and sharp angles will leave you mesmerised. Carefully crafted by experts, engineers and artists, these are a symbol of success for most people, it will be one of the most significant purchases of their lifetime. Every automotive purchase is influenced by experience, whether it’s the effortless pleasure of driving, the sound of an engine firing up for the first time, through to the leather-like new car smell. The new Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh showroom located at the second floor of Rangs Babylonia certainly delivers an immersive experience through its layout, aesthetics and interaction with the vehicles on display.
A peek inside the meticulously planned showroom reveals the array of amenities that reflect the highest standards that Mitsubishi upholds. The large facility offers plenty of space to put you at ease, contrary to traditional showrooms where the vehicles are crammed into limited spaces. Subsequently, an adequate combination of architecture and innovation ensures efficient interaction with the cars on display. It includes a turntable that showcases the vehicles from all angles, a dedicated media wall that illustrates the vehicles in detail and an engine block that shows the vehicle’s heart.

The new showroom addresses changing customer motivation and facilitates a smooth transition from online research to exquisite brick and mortar experience. It lets you decide on the next dream  vehicle while relaxing on the spacious and opulent seating area. The establishment ensures that getting a new car will no longer be a traditional buying experience, rather, a multisensory endeavour to look forward.

Mitsubishi Motors Bangladesh aims to form life-long partnerships with its customers by providing the experience the brand represents. The new showroom is the veracious representation of that idea taking over the luxury vehicle industry globally. It’s not about selling one car to a customer, but everything that goes with that choice.