Engineered to Excel

Bangladeshi consumers are very selective about their vehicles. They have to be robust, reliable, comfortable and subsequently overcome the difficult roads riddled with abysmal traffic. Consequently, only the best vehicle brands in the world have etched their names in the market. As the market demand shifts from reconditioned to brand new vehicles, Nissan has become the preferred brand in the Bangladeshi vehicle market. Their latest addition, the Nissan X-Trail 2020, has all the makings to become the most popular SUV in Bangladesh.

At first glance, the car appears muscular and sporty. A big trapezoidal chrome bar that wraps around the classic grille preserves the sophisticated aesthetic of the brand. Centered on the grille, the famous Nissan badge has an imposing presence. The black gloss lines connecting headlights enhance the colour of the vehicle and bolsters its athletic appearance. The Nissan X-Trail 2020 offers an adaptive front lighting system, the dynamic shape of the headlights appears as if a Tiger is gazing at you with its piercing eyes. At the sides, the vehicle has preserved its classic design; wrapped in chrome, it is an artistic blend of contemporary minimalism and elegance. The taillights look sleek and modern yet simple, which looks impressive, especially at night.

The interior of the vehicle is sumptuous and classy. Soft-touch materials are covered all over the interior, including the dashboard, door seals and the armrest. Premium quality materials are used all over the interior with sporty D-shaped leather steering wheel, leather-wrapped gear shift knob and gloss black trim with metallic accents. The steering wheel is tilting and telescoping; it is incredibly convenient to get to your preferred position with automatically adjusting seats. Thanks to the flexible seating system, the second row is genuinely first class. The 60/40 split seat slides forward for easy access and adjusts to give you more cargo space, more legroom, and everything or anything in between. You can also recline the seats when it’s time to relax. The Nissan X-Trail 2020 offers an optional third row; the folding 3rd-row 50/50 split seat gives you additional versatility. Perfect for accommodating extra passengers and their gear, it also folds down completely to make a flat cargo floor for maximum storage capacity.

After popping open the liftgate, one can find the largest trunk space in any vehicle in the category. Trunk space is one of the critical factors to consider when shopping for a new family vehicle. The Nissan X-Trail 2020 will allow you to pack your trunk with all your belongings while going on a road trip or pack it with sports equipment when going to your children’s games on the weekends. The exclusive Cargo System adapts to your next trip in an instant. An adjustable set of shelves and dividers offer a variety of 9 configurations- it’s so easy, you can do it with one hand. Not to mention, trunk space is also essential if you’re making that trip to your local grocery store.

The Nissan X-Trail 2020 boasts a powerful engine which pumps out 106 kW (PS)/rpm of max power and 200 Nm (kg-m)/rpm of max torque with a direct injection fuel system.
Dhaka is infamous for its unsafe roads. It has one of the highest casualty rates from road accidents in the world. The X Trail brings state-of-the-art safety for its users. It comes with Intelligent AVM, which gives you a virtual 360° bird’s eye view of your vehicle to bring your parking space and manoeuvring capabilities into full perspective. Thanks to Intelligent AVM, you can check the front and back of the car while remaining comfortably in the driver’s seat. Concurrently, it allows you to park like a pro. The system facilitates parking straight into your space without a scrape. Intelligent AVM provides visuals that help you pull into a garage, showing any objects on the floor and ensuring you’ve cleared the garage door.

The Nissan X-Trail 2020 has all the makings to become the most popular SUV in Bangladesh. It is available in numerous vibrant colours including Red, Blue, Tinted Red, DK Olive, Orange, White, Silver, Gray, Black and DK Brown.