Ruslan Hossain shares his Mantra of Staying Physically & Mentally Fit Through Pandemic

Fitness icon, Ruslan Hossain‘s on staying fit and keeping himself motivated during the worldwide pandemic. K Tanzeel Zaman gets inspired

With most of our daily movement restricted during the pandemic, it has become nearly impossible to keep up with our daily exercise routine and diet. A lot of our daily physical activities were out of the way; which is poised to affect our mental wellbeing and confidence level. Thriving at physical activities in an environment of the gym where others are trying to do the same is a norm which took a hiatus with no return ticket. And even if you managed to get a thousand or two steps in your Fitbit or Apple Watch, you might still be feeling frustrated that you’re not at your usual level of activity. Keeping these shortcomings in mind, Fitness icon Ruslan Hossain shared with ICE how he stayed fit both mentally and physically in these trying times.

How has the pandemic been treating you?

Initially, it wasn’t easy. It took a while to get my head wrapped around to what was coming during the lockdown. We weren’t sure what COVID-19 is or how we are going to deal with it. I tried to maintain myself at home even after we closed the gym due to the epidemic.

In time, we launched a slot wise gym while maintaining the safety standard. Honestly, it isn’t easy to support the business during a pandemic. Right now it feels like we are starting from scratch again to meet the break-even. To talk about mental health, I am trying to be calm and keep patience and trying to take one day at a time.

How did you cope up with the fitness during the lockdown?

It worked differently for me. The lockdown gave me a window to realize that we are always running out of time. We usually put things on hold for later, but now I realized that the next new normal could start at any moment. We don’t have unlimited time in our hands. The pandemic gave me a refresher course on that.

It was only natural that I started taking my fitness, diet and mental health more seriously. I had new personal goals, and I needed to reach them. I eat the same thing every day and workout religiously. The pandemic got me training even harder. I did transform a lot than how I was before.

What did you do for your mental wellness?

My secret is discipline. I kept my routine the same; I went through my morning exercises. I try to keep my team members motivated through Zoom calls. I try to contact them from time to time and ask how they are doing. I gave them some books to read to keep them engaged. I kept on telling them how we will run the business once everything opens up. In that way, I kept myself busy. My schedule kept me from overthinking and demotivation on current events. I looked after my physique even when I didn’t have a contest to participate. I went live on Facebook while working out and tried motivating my followers and students. That kept me disciplined.

I wanted to open a gym in Dhanmondi, and I did that. I updated my gym in Banani and made it better. Many suggested not to make any investments due to the current condition of the economy, but I wanted to keep giving my best, no matter what the situation was. To put things on a positive note, I feel like this pandemic gave me another shot to better myself. I did everything to improve myself, both mentally and physically. It is easy to get demotivated when you are not reaching your goals. The trick is to keep going at it and keep giving your best. Nothing is permanent in your life.

Will of Steel- Ruslan Hossain
Will of Steel- Ruslan Hossain


Pointers for maintaining fitness at home?

Staying fit physically

  • Workout every day. It would be best if you let out your stagnant energy through exercise.
  • Do some aerobic exercise; you can try fun exercises like Zumba too.
  • Work on your flexibility and do a lot of stretching.

Maintaining your diet

  • It is essential to keep an eye on your food intake for an adequate Follow a balanced diet which will meet all of the nutrition needs.
  • Try to eat something that gives you energy. Eat what’s right for you. Try to eat organic food—no need for variety.
  • Stick to one particular diet. Don’t experiment too much with your body.Follow the proven method.

 Staying fit mentally

  • You must keep yourself happy. Happiness is essential. Do something that gives you joy?
  • Proper sleep at night is crucial for maintaining mental health. If you stay awake all night watching
  • TV series, you will release a lot of stress hormone from your body, and this will cause
  • Try to play or solve puzzles. That’s going to keep your mind stimulated.
  • Meditate to calm your mind. If you are a spiritual person, you should pray. Meditation keeps you grounded.

Advice for your followers and students who deal with a lot of distractions?

There can’t and shouldn’t be any excuses. I know people who could come to the gym before the pandemic but never did. If you want to look in a certain way, you need to put in the work and make some changes yourself. Unless your body is fit deep down, you won’t be truly free. What people say doesn’t matter, what you see in the mirror should? This is a time we can stay at home and not have many engagements like we usually did. You only have one body to take care of.