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Shanta Holdings Limited has defined the pinnacle of modern living, offering every imaginable amenity of a contemporary life wrapped in exotic artistry. The Regal is the continuity of the fantastic work they are known for and will be a benchmark of luxury living in Bangladesh.

A Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams. The beauty of it is that it feels good to leave, but it feels even better to return. Home is where love resides, memories are created, and laughter never ends. The meaning of a “home” might differ depending on who you ask. However, everyone will agree that in contemporary life, it has become the epicenter of comfort and luxury. Luxury home living can lead to good health, greater joy, savings, and reduced stress.

Over the past decade, Dhaka has witnessed the staggering growth of the real estate sector. Shanta Holdings Limited is the leading developer of luxury homes in Bangladesh. They have developed numerous luxury residences and are worthy of international recognition. Shanta’s latest project The Regal is set to become the most exclusive residential project in Bangladesh till date.

Located at the heart of one the most exclusive neighborhoods in Dhaka, The Regal promises to be the crown jewel of the city. The necessity of space is pivotal in ensuring luxury living. The Regal offers apartment units which are 6,100 – 6,800 ft (approx) in size. 

 Spacious homes translate to more personal space and privacy. These two are the most important factors to maintain tranquility, peace, and harmony in the house and among the family members. Each person would love to have their own space where they can ruminate in the privacy of their thoughts. The efficiently designed floor space provides maximum flexibility for interior design, its unparalleled lake views and collection of all modern lifestyle amenities sets The Regal apart from contemporary luxury apartments in the country. Moreover, the stylish interior design of common areas complemented with professional landscaping and lighting design ensure elegance in every aspect. Hence the ambience of both the interior and exterior spaces exude pure luxury and sophistication. 

Aside from location, layout, and stand out design, another critical element that sets The Regal apart is the use of quality materials.

It is built with the highest quality construction and finishing materials sourced locally and globally. They denote luxury and exclusivity and also offer functional benefits, ensuring that the home will stand the test of time with minimal maintenance. Materials used in the interiors are being used to create dynamic surface textures that add to a great sense of luxury and elegance.

The meticulously planned complex offers an array of amenities designed to perfection. A double-height entry, reception and waiting lounge ensures the grand welcome you deserve when you arrive back home from a hectic day at work. 

The Regal also ensures your leisure times are spent delightfully with the exclusively designed game rooms, endowed with billiard tables and table tennis. The large swimming pool, steam room and sauna are at your service when you need to detoxify yourself. The state-of-the-art gym fully equipped with leading USA branded equipment will allow you to maintain your fitness routine without leaving your residence. The modishly designed and fully furnished party room provides the perfect setting to host your guests in style. 

With increasing infrastructural development, most children in Dhaka city are being deprived of the breathing space to be themselves. With a dedicated children’s play area equipped with a half basketball court, residents of The Regal will be able to allow their children to enjoy the playfulness of childhood within the safety of their residence. The project’s safety measures are compliant with the international standard. The entire premise will be monitored 24/7 under CCTV surveillance with separate fire stairs which includes two hours UL certified fire-resistant doors. The entire building will be covered under state of the art firefighting and ventilation system.

Shanta Holdings Limited is one of the most revered names in the Bangladeshi real estate sector. They have defined the pinnacle of modern living, offering every imaginable amenity of a contemporary life wrapped in exotic artistry. The Regal is the continuity of the amazing work they are known for and will be a benchmark of luxury living in Bangladesh.

Asif Siddique Tarafdar is the Staff Writer of Ice Today& Ice Business Times. He has completed BSS in Economics from BRAC University and vocal about disability rights and inclusion. Currently, studying MDS at Jahangirnagar University he is also a former Flight Cadet of the Bangladesh Air Force.