Fresh Initiative by Fresh Tissue: An Enlightened Bangladesh with the Light of Awareness

Did you visit bridge of Banani 11, Shapla Chottor or Rajoshik Bihar the in last few days? If yes, you must have seen the area is decorated by a mysterious pink light. Then a question must have raised in your mind, why is this lighting? The answer is— pink illumination. To increase the mass awareness about breast cancer, many important sculptures and statues of different countries are decorated with pink lights. Fresh Tissue is executing this theme for the first time in Bangladesh. Several important sculptures of Dhaka are decorated with pink light to increase the awareness about Breast cancer.

Their arrangement is not limited to pink illumination only. Besides this, promoting the theme “Fresh Tissue: Ekti check-up ar deri noy, muchte glani ekhoni somoy”, they have created online video contents for raising awareness. The main purpose is to encourage our women for regular medical check-up and to let them know about the dangers of Breast Cancer.

On average, about 19 women die due to Breast cancer in Bangladesh, which is nearly 7000 in a year. But it is possible raise the survival rate to 90 percent if the cancer can be identified at the primary stage. Lack of awareness is one of the main reasons behind these deaths. But only one medical check-up in a year can raise the rate of survival. Fresh Tissue has arranged a one month long free medical campaign in 8 divisions of Bangladesh where 1000 women will get free medical check-up and consultancy from expert doctors. The registration link is given in Fresh tissue’s facebook page and anyone can register for free. Besides this, Fresh Tissue has launched a website called where all the important information are given in one place. Visiting this website, anyone can explore the symptoms, causes, safety information, rules of self-examination, list of the expert doctors and other necessary information.

Netizens are expressing their fondness regarding this campaign. Lots of people are thanking Fresh Tissue for this innovative campaign. Bidya Sinha Meem, Masuma Rahman Nabila and other celebrities have joined this campaign with general people. We hope Fresh Tissue will arrange more of this type of awareness campaign to build a breast cancer free Bangladesh. May their oath to wipe away all negativities of our society give us a positive Bangladesh.