The exclusive brand your fashion radar needs to pick up this season is the label that camps halfway through Pret-a-Porter and Haute Couture. A luxury brand that’s more mid-riced than ever before! Saha, an exclusive label by the fashionista extraordinaire, Natasha Saha Kejriwal, caters to a lil’ bit of everything: chic takes on the cocktail and dressy pieces, traditional vintage cuts with a serious inject of glamour and beauty, billowing dresses perfect for building the capsule wardrobe of your dreams!

“I’ve been inspired by my father, who has been an important figure in the garments business, and I’ve been around clothing my whole life. He taught me a lot about this world and has, in essence, dressed me multiple times! So, in 2018, I took his journey and made it my own. I started Saha, which is also our family name,” explains Natasha.

And, so, the path that Natasha Saha has paved for herself at Saha dazzles with her signature trio of Wani, Erraz and Saha Basics, three separate collections of clothing lines guaranteed to dress you up to the nines to take on the world!

Wani, a range catering to traditionalism at its best, boasts vintage silhouettes of charmeuse silk, regal muslin and timeless churidar with details of zardozi, Swarovski crystals and bejewelled sequins. The cuts Saha gives shape to, as part of this range, are shalwar kameezes, tunics and pants. Also championed in Saha’s Wani are subtleties of hand-painted sarees and fluidity of water-colour florals.

Erraz, another line of clothing exclusivity by Natasha Saha at Saha, will wow you with its modern take on eastern traditional attire. If thats not enough, it consist a twist where each item is sold separately. Last but not least, stands Saha Basics, a range especially created by Natasha Saha to fulfil any and all needs one might have for cool, seasonal dresses, fun flares, pleated skirts and loads of ruffles and met and more. Moreover, long shirts, double georgettes and easy-to-wear stylish clothes ups the ante with punchy prints and trending colours.

Saha may seem like it has a bit of all the goodness in the fashion world but, in truth, Natasha Saha, a true designer worth her salt, knows the lesson behind the idiom ‘less is more.” And, so, when creating any line or article of clothing for Saha, a meticulous approach is always adopted. “I always feel that it’s about a few ingredients than about the whole pantry. Everything we do at Saha, from zeroing in on a shade to choosing a spectrum and finally perfecting a specific design is done with respect to the fabric and to the trade,” enlightens Natasha.

But the incredible success of Saha over the years and its journey in becoming a trusted brand for many loving an equal blend of style and simplicity didn’t come easy and had its rough patches. But with every fallback, Natasha grew a little savvier and traded a little smarter, allowing Saha to not see the worst side of it. “In the beginning, I knew fashion, but I didn’t know the business. But after a few years of back and forth you eventually get the hang of it.”

A true diva in her own right, Natasha is an avid believer of pursuing one’s passions and carving a path for yourself that allows you to shine your brightest. On this, she muses, “If you love what you do then you never feel like you are working a day of your life! And that is exactly how I feel about Saha.”

Celebrating its one-year anniversary amid the pandemic, Saha has withstood the worst economic year of the century and stood tall amid lockdowns and closures. Under Natasha’s expert guidance and leadership, what better could you even expect?!