Kingkor Ahsan, one of the most popular and well-known names among the readers because of novels like Meghdubi, Bibiana, Rangila Kitab, Madhobitto, etc. Outside of writing, he has been working with various advertising agencies as well. Kingkor Ahsan’s writing career began at Prothom-Alo. After completing his MBA from Dhaka University, he started working as a sub-editor at Kaler Kantho. Previously Worked as Creative Group Head at Channel I’s I Positive. After working at Sun Communications and as a creative director at Asiatic JWT, he is now taking on the responsibility of a Creative Director at Axiata group’s ADA.

Now he will see the advertising work of many important companies including Robi. To date, 13 of his books have been published. he received the Mahasheta Debi excellence of literature award from India for his contribution. He has been involved in discussions with the New York Times, the Huffington Post, NDTV, the Indian Times, and Yahoo. He wrote the stories of many popular advertisements to date. He has worked for Dhaka University Writers’ Association, Dhaka University Film Parliament, Kanthashilon, Mukta Ashor, Build Better Bangladesh and many more. He has written several plays for television including Padmapata, Avrolika, Patar Nauka, Jalparani and many more.

We wish him a good trip to ADA.